Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Blue Specks" by Nurunnessa Choudhury

In the clear world
I blew a cage of glass
and hid myself inside.
Like a lonely child
I played with words-
special thoughts,
which I would
make, then break,
no- not now- not yet.
The fire of spring
scorched my heart and body.
I achieved awareness
of life's bass and treble notes:
I trapped wonder
and asked:
What is it?
no- not now- not yet.
Then, in darkness,
stormswept, you came.
Next day
I took apart the cage
smashed the glass
and gave it to the sky:
This was your gift.
I picked up
my faithless heart,
and met the world
with direct gaze.

**This poem is reminiscent of one who wishes to create, yet feels compelled to hide from the muse for whatever reason.  I can relate to the everyday responsibilities that steal the time from our clocks before it's even born, how when something must be sacrificed, our hobbies (rather it be writing, art, film, reading, etc.) are the things most pushed towards the backburner, yet those very things are activities that bring us the most simplistic pleasures in life.  For me, the poem depicts that perhaps someone has opened the writer's eyes to the fact that there is reason and cause to smash the glass that binds her, to free her muse, to allow herself the time and desire and the freedom to create.  

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