Saturday, March 23, 2013

Favorite Art Books: Artist Trading Cards Techniques

By Lisa Vollrath, Michele Charles & Tim Holtz
This little book was only 19 pages long, which made the price a bit steep but it's still a nice little demonstration and overview of ATC's and includes some step by step techniques for making cards with fabric, playing cards, wire, folding cards as well as a cute little accordion book.  

By Bernie Berlin
I absolutely LOVE this book...approximately 127 pages long full on with history of atc's, a nice introduction, and many, many techniques (too many to count) with in-depth step-by-step demonstrations.  Rather you've been making cards for a while are are just learning, this book is a real gem.  Includes a gallery of cards in the back as well as some other uses to incorporate the use/creation of ATC's such as:  journal cards, digital cards and cards for children, etc.

A TweetyJill Publication
I adore this book and it's full of wonderful eye candy that will definitely inspire any atc artist.  The main element of this book concentrates on act's created primarily with rubber stamps.  But this book is so much more than that!  There are literally hundreds of beautiful atc's to feast your eyes upon in this, and many come with instructions as well as references to where you can buy/find the exact materials used for each card.  The book includes the use of many materials like gesso, watercolors, paint, ink, and so on.  This book is a must have for anyone interested in creating atc's with rubber stamps.

By Barbara Finwall, Nancy Javier & Jerilyn Clements
I loved this little book and it was quite a bargain for it's price and the content available.  The authors not only cover the basics with directions on making over 55 atc's but also include a variety of selection of crafts involving the use of atc's not merely as art, themselves, but as elements on journal covers, picture albums, frames, boxes, greeting cards and so on.  You will love this book for it's creating, refreshing ideas as much as for the eye candy eat atc offers!

By Patricia Bolton
This is, by far, one of my favorite atc books for the eye candy, alone.  The book offers illustrations over literally over 1,000 atc's and depicts so much variety in the creation of each:  magazines, collage, fabric, drawing, painting, 3d, flat, and so on.  Just merely looking at this book is sure to get your creative juices flowing and your fingers itching to create.  The author also offers some demonstration and step by step directions in creating atc's with fabric as well as a few other useful techniques.  The only downfall I find with this book is in the demonstrations shared.  So few people use fabric for atc's and it's really only one of hundreds of elements used to create.  I felt that the author should have offered more variety on these demonstrations and step by step directions for creating with some other mediums.

By Leonie Pujol
This is another book for which I felt the price was a bit steep as it's only 48 pages long and depicts the process of creating only 20 atc's.  With that being said, I did enjoy this book and feel it is a great learning and inspirational asset for any atc beginner as the directions, materials, ad mediums used in the creation of each atc are fairly simple and easy to understand.  Skimming the pages of this book gave me some fresh ideas and insights into some new ways of creating cards.

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