Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Smash Book Pages (a work in progress)

I've been working on a smash book I originally began back in August...I know, that's quite a long time, right?  I have some good excuses for my little hiatus in Arianna (aka my six year old daughter) just began school this year.  Between the erratic sleep schedule (I'm an up-all-night kinda gal and well, school starts at 8am everyday!) and my never-ending search for the dream job (I"m sure eventually you'll hear more about my job-hunting endeavors in the near future) there's not been much time and focus for art.  But, alas, I am back and feeling a bit creatively refreshed, so we'll see what the muse brings in the weeks and months to come!

Currently, all these pages are unfinished.  I have quite a number of embellishments, stickers, and stamps I plan to apply to each page.  I will be posting updated pics at a later time.

 Past relationship...

Clothing and Fashion tags...did I mention I love clothes and shopping?!

A life that was once mine...not entirely sad to see it go, but it's still okay to remember, eh?

My Arianna's page...

A page of my own...notice the girlie video game addiction? I guess to each their own.  :)

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  1. way before there were all the crafting books to make photo albums personal my mother (an artist) put together book with poems, pictures drawings little memories
    you will be glad you took the time I still have the book that was once my grandmother's and treasure it all these years later


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