Friday, March 22, 2013

"The New Notebook" by Maria Banus

Full of superstition
I begin a new notebook,
white leaves--sea foam.
I close my eyes and wait
for the first day of the world,
for Aphrodite with wet lips,
red curls of flame
an open shell,
shy and sure,
to rise from the salt foam,
out of the primordial algae.
I wait under closed eyelids.
One can hear the grey rustle of sea gulls
under the low sky
and the monotonous thunder of waves
only of waves
which come and go.

**I can't help but recognize the parallels the poet draws between the roaring ocean, the world being born, a glowing Goddess, to the mere act of poetry writing, or merely any writing at all.  I appreciate the mutual feeling that writing a new piece is somewhat like giving birth, a metamorphosis, of something ancient and roaring inside me, awaiting my paper to breathe the shadow of some spirit back to life.

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