Sunday, June 2, 2013

Love as a Locked Vault (A Poem)

Today is the twenty-first day of summer
And the beads of the trees
Have frenzied their rapture
Into a bloom of white roses
And the chill thrill of hibiscus and thyme.
I have just met a boy,
Shy and sly as he comes
In his itching smiles, all sunburned
To the lips and hands.
I wonder what secrets
Crawl the halls of his brain
As he drives his cobalt like a train
Into the throat of downtown.
The tiny universe within itself
Where teenagers litter
The umbrella-tables of the Mexican restaurant
And sight-seers maul over
The postered windows
Of the historical theatre,
It’s old screen still and blank
As a blind eye that cannot blink.
We are walking now
Into the mad swirl of the city streets,
Each step sticky to the concreted heat,
and from somewhere across my shoulders
I feel the wind dance into my hair
While he talks of golf, the sins of Reagan,
Explains the purpose of sun-stained
Metal stars that line the brick buildings
Of this nowhere town,
Though I do not care much for his voice,
Thin and nimble as the candlewicks of Jack,
And I wonder if Jill craved the voice
Of another man, any man.
We pass a tree full of chirping birds,
So loud the leaves jump as if disturbed
From a deep sort of sleep
And I can’t help but feel
These creatures are speaking to me
In their sharp, native tongue,
Screeching for me to ‘leave, leave, leave.’
I am moving my limbs hypnotically now,
Lost in the lonesome drone of my own
Inner conversations, wondering when
the moon will make an entrance.
Wondering to myself again if Jill ever felt
The pinching, spastic bore of
Each new romance eventually falls into,
Did she, too, hear the quiet metal thrill
Of the doors closing, the locks bolting?

Written for Magpie Tales and Sunday Whirl.  


  1. so many things to wonder...a little commitment aversion maybe. ;) a good piece, and quite an interesting turn on Jack and Jill.

  2. i think you deciphered the meaning quite eloquently...and i do enjoy demoralizing the fairy tales from time to time ;) i'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Fascinating. I liked all the imagery and the unique take on Jack and Jill. Thank you.

  4. Oh god...leave leave leave. This is a strong piece. I've been there before. Thanks for writing with us at the Whirl.

  5. Wow - Jack and Jill just grew up here in your words! Hope she makes an escape before the locks bolt! Really enjoyed your writing!

  6. Sharp and skillful; not all that far from brilliant...

  7. Your last five lines were so brilliant after the beautiful build up and certainly better than saying "What a wasted evening".

  8. I love your writing its absolutely (expletive deleted but intended) fantastic!


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