Monday, June 17, 2013

Magnetic Poetry!

This is my first magnetic poetry done via my iPod!  Though, there are the actual 'real' material magnetic poetry sets (i have one of these myself).  It's a small, black board (not unlike a paper-sized chalkboard) that stands up, you can order your words by subject matter (love, general, geek, etc) and there's a place right below your board for all your little letter magnets.  However, when you have small children, most of your words will probably end up scattered and lost (I speak from experience).  But... if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy poetry and creative writing, I would definitely suggest you take a look at all the cute poetry/writing apps available in the app store (and there's quite a few!).  I actually have found that I can write better (and there are more options as well) with the magnet poetry apps.

I often get writers block alternated with nice little creative bursts.  But in between my ability to write really well-rounded pieces, I try to do a little something to regenerate my creative juices.  This app i used to create the image above is titled 'found poetry' and gives you variety of fun ways to personalize your magnetic poetry.  It offers random words on several different subjects, but the most wonderful thing (that I haven't found in another app of this kind) is the ability to add whatever words you'd like to use!  The app also gives you the option to personalize the poem by adding your own image as a back ground (as you can see above I found a picture of the city at night that served a great visual ambient to my poem).  I recommend finding a free wallpaper app for a quick reserve of free images (and very beautiful, might I i add!) to go along with your poetry.  There are many of those available too, so you shouldn't have a problem at all finding the perfect picture to accomodate your writing!

I plan to try to do one of these little poems at least once a day.  I just think this is the cutest! 

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