Friday, June 7, 2013

The Story Keepers (A Poem)

I remember the smoke stacks
Of an old November,
How the trail of charred coal
Would snake it’s way through
The horizon-cloud
Of sycamores like a wormhole,
The magic Cinderella glass door
Into the center of Appalachia.
I remember the smell of pine
And the soft, wrinkled hands
Of my late grandmother,
Stroke weak and stained
Of Marlborors on all the
Car rides to the center
Of this small town,
Historical in its old ways
And weak roots, not unlike
The tobacco plows of all
the garden-weaving ancestors
who gave of me their hands,
the ones that touch the dough-cheeks
of my own daughter,
the ghosts of their fingertips
lingering upon her face
from eons and centuries,
and her tiny feet thick
of dead leaves and pine needles
from the same old trees
that held my climbing ten-year-old
knees and fingers, breath of their sap
older than the birth of me
and I imagine them taking
a silent snapshot of our private moment,
much in the way they watched
my teenage parents holding hands
before dinner, or aunt Mabel,
angling for sophistication
in her red high heels,
and maybe my uncle and I lost
in June lemonade and
a late-day game of checkers
on a day no one but me remembers,
our laugher still echoing somewhere
between the splintered core
of their old braches, each leaf seed
an unspeakable story-keeper.

Written for a prompt at Poet's United


  1. nice...seriously love the way you write...each poem is like a little journey and you never know where you might end up...only that it will be a mix of emotion and memory and a trip getting the imagery in the first bit of the smoke stacks and wormholes, setting the scene and the personal touches as you bring this home...

  2. Oh wow Stacey this is amazing, I agree with Brian =)

  3. thank you both so much...i haven't had time for my beloved poetry these last few days, but will be passing by your blogs later this evening! :)

  4. The new prompt is up =)


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