Monday, July 22, 2013

Bare Trees


They sat there twisted
In their ankles and knees
As if the God of Thor
Had struck them down
For their seed of heart-sin.
A colossal sight in their
Arthritic motor ticks,
All snapping and swaying
Against four seasons
Full of wind.
No more leaves left
To fall across each other
And into the hands of,
Perhaps, children on a
Spring-day picnic,
Or onto sun-warmed bellies
Of teenage lovers who’d locked
Their own limbs beneath
The splintered decay of a century.
The eye-holes of their old oak
Still remembering
The pompous clergymen of 1910
And the silly, dancing girls of the 30’s
Rich in ribbons and saffron socks.


  1. This is stunning and absolutely charming! I love personification an I think trees lend themselves very well as they witnessed so much, endured so much, lived so unfathomably long. Love it Stacey =)

  2. An evocative scene of all life lived before and perhaps all life lived after.

  3. The new prompt is up if you are around I would love to have you!

  4. I haven't seen you for a while I hope all is well, you are missed =)


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