Wednesday, July 17, 2013



She plucks the shells gingerly
From a bed of sand they have laid upon,
Languishing in the sun
The way the young girls nearby do,
Un-scarred in their giggles and skin,
Cabana-fresh in their Banana Boat lotion
and rainbow-row of umbrellas.
One by one, she pulls out
The eyes of the ocean,
The shack of the crab,
The call of jelly fish to bare feet,
Noticing how each one
Resembles a vacant cave,
The empty space of a spent bullet,
The moon absent his one-man show.

Her lover has gone,
No ring of the hotel telephone,
No chipper voice to accommodate
The over-decoration
Of a green-tree tourists' room
She will not return to until
the birds withdraw their white feathers
and this solitaire world
of the roiling sea turns violet
beneath the gray-cloud sky.
For now she becomes the atmosphere,
Void of life, immobile of memory,
A character plucking sea shells
In a strangers photograph.


  1. A character plucking sea shells
    In a strangers the sea and surreal images you use and how you mix them to give the poem atmosphere..

  2. cool allusions to the cave/spent bullets...and the moon...after that too you bring the emotion in the piece for that last stanza...makes me a bit sad for her...

  3. I really like the anonymity of "she" in the telling of this poem. It allows one to identify with her and relate to the emotion of the story.

  4. Amazing beautuful this is
    Greatly doen
    thanks for sharing
    Love the pic too.

  5. Wow, wow, wow.....the last two lines

    "A character plucking sea shells
    In a strangers photograph."

    take my breath away. Now THAT is poetry!

  6. There are so many wonderful lines in your fine poem ... impossible to choose a favorite.

  7. Lots of beautiful images and excellently crafted and formed. Great feeling, i loved this.

  8. could feel her emptiness. especially like the line, "The moon absent his one-man show."

  9. So vivid... especially like:

    Cabana-fresh in their Banana Boat lotion
    and rainbow-row of umbrellas

  10. love the lines about plucking the yes of the ocean and being a character in someone else's vacation photo ... these are strong, strong images! This is just from from start to finish! Keep writing!

  11. Wow Stacy, you did an amazing job with Walt's photo. so many wonderful lines and images :-) Beautiful poem

  12. How beautiful, Stacy. You involve the senses in your descriptions so well. Funny, I just posted a short poem with the same underlying theme and have read a couple of others at dVerse along the same line. Serendipity!

  13. The imagery my God this is gorgeous!

  14. beautifully evocative writing... picking out the eyes of the ocean, and the way she's obviously so much more, but also just another character in someone else's imagination

  15. Wonderfully creative piece on a photo. Many word images and references I liked very much. Sad feeling but still worth reading at least twice!!

  16. What a story you have told. So full of emotive descriptions and a delight to read.

  17. second stanza is so heart touching

  18. The new prompt is up =)


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