Friday, September 27, 2013

Consulting The Oracle (A Poem)

**Fall reminds me of fairs, vintage carnival rides still creaking in their metal and chains, of creepy tents and small- town attractions.  And of fortune-tellers who frequent these fairs with their incense sticks and tarot cards, adorned in crystal balls and their big hats. That's what this poem is about.

They say our most fertile dreams
Are let free of their captivity
When a calm hand unburdens the blank rune,
But I can’t help wondering
What black candle my enemies
Have burned against me
In their devilish pursuits to antagonize
The restless spirits of my ancestry.
For years I’ve searched for things
I can hold onto with my fingers,
Interpreting the depths of their inner ticking,
As if my own heart were a crystal ball
I could peer into, but I only saw reflections.
On dark nights fit for only
The invisible battles of witches and warlocks,
I imagine all the candy-colored fairies
That inhabit the purple trees
Of Jupiter’s iridescent moons,
I toss the girth of my life into an open notebook
Like a lone fortune teller
Lost amidst a sea of vocabulary
And daring my heavy shoes to swim
Into the birthing void of some other world.
But it is you, my muse,
The moving statue of my sixth sense,
You walk across the dunes of my dreams
To deliver me from the bone-scatter
Of white linens and mediocrity.


  1. Thanks for visiting Poets United, Stacy. I invite you to visit and comment on the work of others who have posted. Hope to see you as a regular participant.

  2. Whoa! Awesome write this week! Imagery is so spot on for playing with the month's eerie elements and you have tied it so well to the dream-like nature of creativity and pulling art from our sub-conscious goblins and dreams ... I love this piece!

  3. nice...i like the muse as the deliverer from the bone times it seems the only thing loyal to us...even that though is elusive at times....

  4. Lovely. I especially like:

    I toss the girth of my life into an open notebook

  5. "I toss the girth of my life into an open notebook
    Like a lone fortune teller
    Lost amidst a sea of vocabulary"

    Very intriguing image.

  6. Loved the mystic quality of your writing. I can relate to the emotions they evoke.


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