Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Of City Streets and Stars (A Poem)

My pursuit for love, and the city,
Has been a long, dark, bony thing.
Nights full of type-written poems,
The thorn-encased beauty in a volume
Never meant to be devoured by the critics.
I played my game of idolatry
With the smoke and fog
Of a big city where headlights dimmed the stars.
I watched with new eyes the buildings
Of a town transpose into an ant army
Of funeral processions and high school graduations,
Cityscape spinning her streets and tress into
A hieroglyphic to translate my tragedies.
Like memory submitted to tapestry,
The devil sat on my right shoulder
In three nights worth of twilight
Before the beautiful hands
Of a married artist-man touched me with
Such sensitivity, the humility of my loneliness
A broken tooth to bite me viciously
Before breaking into bone dust.
I turned my pale face into an alleyway,
In denial of the heart-threads he’d sewn into me.
Beneath the path of an October sky too shy
To share the secrets of its witches,
I fell into the mercy of a stranger who held my hands
And stroked the tears from my cheeks
The way the moonbeams stroked the shadowed side streets.


  1. Stacey this is absolutely stunning! Your writing reminds me of one of my all-time favorite poets Jim Carroll. I wish desperately that I could write like this, you are amazing I don't even have words for it I love it!

  2. aw thank you so much, but you are sooooo talented yourself...i love reading your blog!! <3

    you know, i have never heard of Jim Carroll...but I'm going to get right on that! :)

  3. This was absolutely breathtaking, :) Beautifully done.

  4. This has so many hidden depths and layers, words that just sing of the page, lovely and captivating.


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