Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things The Addict Knows (A Poem)

Each morning finds her peering
Into the empty earth of a cup,
She says she finds God
In the quiet of an up-turned bottle,
Says that secret spirits
Lay hidden inside a pile
Of discarded syringes,
The total sum of her three-year exile.
These are the stories her drugs tell,
Like nectar, she cradles her fix between
Her palms, a map of needle-pricks
Holding the skin of her flesh to bone
Like apple-red claws she can’t stop picking.
She is rash in her theatrical effects
In the quick way she loves men
For the cheap smell of cigarettes,
Smiling as she swears that
The sick way we love each other
Are clues to the secret of this life,
How the same things we’re drawn to,
The same things we live for,
Are also the ones that kill us gently
On a dark night while the world lays,
Lost in the stiff slumber of twilight,
We find ourselves falling down
The rabbit hole of another dimension
And ignorant the grit of our own substance,
We go on living in our same old ways,
Never knowing we’ve already died.


  1. I'm an LCSW, and I have counseled a number of addicts over the years. Your poem describes the nature of addiction beautifully.
    I was never a full-on addict, but I did use drugs when I was younger to combat my own insecurities and self-loathing. There's a difference between someone like me and someone for whom it becomes all-consuming, as with the subject of your poem. Well done!

  2. This is an incredibly powerful presentation of addiction, almost allowing us to experience the hopelessness of it. Ah, just saw that you are a LCSW--I worked as a nurse with addiction. No wonder you caught the feel so well.

  3. This is powerful stuff. At one time in my life I missed becoming addicted by the skin of my teeth, so I know what you are talking about.

  4. Your blow away every time Stacy wow! This is a powerful, gripping, and tragic poem. Love it =)

  5. Powerful and well written poem, Stacy.


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