Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've gained about 8 pounds...but not much difference.  Besides, I'm not one of those girls who ruminates over make up and how skinny I can get my jeans before halting all circulation to my upper torso.

It's empowering to binge on cappuccino and pastries while writing poetry....and never worry about gaining a pound here or there.  I'm too busy doing more important things (like feeding my mind and filling my journal) than to worry about an extra pound or two.

I have noticed lately I don't wear my usual jeans/t'shirt deal as much as I used to.  I feel so much more myself in a pair of leggings and a classy skirt.  And scarves always make me feel all warm and safe inside.

When I first began to take poetry-writing seriously (probably age 21), I used to wonder what 'writers' wear, how could I dress the part?  I remember reading memoirs of different writers and stories of how they began their career.  I found it interesting that some women authors preferred wearing what they felt was 'writers' attire before beginning their writing regiment everyday.

As for me, I write when inspiration hits.  I usually end up writing in my pj's.  I think it's a bit superficial to try to put a dress code to what we are...our clothing can't define what we do, though I'm sure it displays a bit of preference.  I enjoy layering my body.  I think it matches my body type, as well as my personality.  Many-layered, multifaceted.  I'd like to think that is me...


  1. Hey Stacy its your good friend Danny. I have always told you that you where beautiful inside and out. The poetry you write is a testament and proof of your intellectual abilities and your love for poetry.

  2. aww, thank you danny. i appreciate your kind words, and i always look forward to our philosophical conversations! :)

  3. Your so fashionable Stacy I am always in workout clothes! I have nice clothes I love skirts but I am all about comfort. I always wear pants that are too big it drives everyone nuts, why do you workout and then hide your figure haha

  4. haha...i've been really bad to hang out in pjs and sweatpants all the time. i have all these cute clothes just hanging in my closet collecting dust, so i've been trying to dress up more often! :)


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