Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Time Lapse (A Poem)


On a winter night,
Sky as bright as the moons open mouth,
We wander aimlessly
In our slick, metal time machines,
The vacant roads of this world
Branching out, swift as tentacles
That pull us into so many different lives.

We are young, our dreams shiny.
We borrow them from each other,
Stuff them into forgotten pockets,
Arrange them across mantels
And the boxed-in tops of walls
Like golden, amalgam bricks of mercury,
Barely blemished by the hands of humans.

On a spinning dew drop,
Between two separate centuries,
We walk the fenced-in grid of Zodiacs stars,
Never knowing the backward ritual
In all our ways of life;
The there and back motion
Of everything becoming and diminishing.

The time lapse between
Beginning and merely dreaming,
We balance our checkbook,
Take out the trash,
Cheat at mindless games of solitaire
As if time was an expenditure,
As if the blood of our clay bodies
Will beat endlessly,
As if the wind between our hair
Were not a magician playing time tricks.

We walk this earth as if
there were gravels glued to our foot soles,
taking and shoving and regretting,
then returning to the morning role call
of an endless losing game
as if the earth owed us something,
as if everything living
will one day die alongside us
while we go shouting into the glorious
blinking eyes of nothingness, and nevermore.


  1. Oh wow this is really vivid and though despairing I really love the atmosphere you have created with your words. Time certainly does alter. I don't feel I have given up on my dreams if anything I have rediscovered them and now have the discipline of pursuit haha but my priorities have changed family comes first. I actually think a little before I act well sometimes

    1. thank you, im glad you enjoyed it! i think people should come first, then dreams, then material things. and books come with people, haha. :) i was trying to convey the message that one needs only to open their eyes to see the magic, rather than walking blindly through a lifetime that equals nothing more than meaningless jobs and exchanges. thanks for the lovely prompt!

  2. I'm in my late 40's but somehow feel like I've been alive for ever, trudging along, doing the same things. The old hamster on a wheel effect comes in, destroying dreams.

  3. Well done. Really like the last line.


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