Friday, November 8, 2013

I was Away For a Few Days

So this year I decided to partake in Nanowrimo...for those of you who are unaware what this is, it's a website/challenge dedicated to national novel writing month.  The challenge? To write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

Now, I have my novel outlined and have been working (this week) on writing roughly 1600 words a day.  I figured I'd skip a month of poetry writing and my beloved prompt sites I visit weekly (Poets United, The Mag, MindLoveMisery, We Write Poems, and Sunday Whirl).  I thought that'd be okay, after all I'd be too busy for poetry...right?  Wrong!

I have missed the outlet, the venue for expression through my poetry so terribly this week that it sort of made the nanowrimo not even worth it.  So, I've revised my own goals for that.  I absolutely must write my poetry, it is my true creative expression.  So then I will strive to write perhaps 800 words a day on the novel.  50,000 is just way to much for me to endure in a one month period, it hogs all my free time, it makes the writing a chore rather than a joy.

My revised goal for Nano is 25,000 words down on my novel by November's end.  And I will still have time to write my poetry.  Shew, this week has been hard!

So, if I usually do your prompt and I missed it this week...I will be there next week!  :) 

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