Thursday, November 14, 2013

Of Morning and Manta (A Poem)

We dream
Two hearts
And one heap
Beneath a mountain
Of terry cloth
And floral.
You tell me
You’d like
To take me to
Some Spanish country
Or a tiny town
Nestled into the
Corner island
By the sea
Where village children
Ride their bikes,
Offering tasteless
To unsuspecting
My feet are cold,
Winter pushing itself
Against our
Bedroom window
And I reckon the sea
Sounds nice
So I smile and
You kiss my nose.
I stuff this moment
Into the happy sack
Of my heart,
Manta for
The lonely nights
Of some other year.

Written for Poets United and We Write Poems.


  1. How poignant, after the happiness, to contemplate: "mantra for the lonely nights of some other year."

  2. This is delightful - an adventure to comfort us while enduring dull reality.

  3. Excellent scene setting in here and I love this a lot,

    "Winter pushing itself
    Against our
    Bedroom window"

    It's a unique way to speak of the cold and I can relate to this feeling as of late.

    Great write!

  4. So many lovely images here... I love it all!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyable read, Miss Stacy. Yes, I do like the idea of slipping away to a warm Spanish-speaking country right now. The cold is upon us sooner than I'd hoped. Thank you for your lovely poem.

  6. I enjoyed the scenes you set. Nippy here too!

    While I have a blogspot place I often forget to also post there most of my stuff on my WP blogs...
    It's a race to figure out where to go some days. Glad I stopped by here. I did two for this bike prompt.

    Best to your muse :)

  7. Beautiful poem, Stacy! I love the fact that you elected to write about an imaginary trip instead of a real one. I thoroughly enjoyed the image of creating a "mantra for the lonely nights of some other year".

  8. ah i would be putting it into the happy sack as well...that one wants to be with you...wants to run away somewhere special...with you....its def a happy thing....and yes it might not last but relish it and save it for when you need it...

  9. What a beautiful, dream-filled moment you have described here. I like the idea of stuffing such moments into a happy sack for other times in the year. Smiles.

  10. So nice to be the 'one heap' with someone special and dream to run, ...and save it in your heart for later....warming up my heart...thanks for sharing.

  11. Simple but I love the way you have written it and find it rather touching. Thank you.


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