Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stardust and Dead Matter (A Poem)

Morning was a celestial collision,
Mars teetering off the axis
Of her roaming-planet legs,
Blowing dents into Pluto
And snapping back the rings of Saturn
Like too-sturdy rubber bands,
Skinning shards of neon green matter
From the moon’s right hip
As she skidded past, dropping her
Stone fire into the outer core
Of our Mother Earth,
Spinning our clocks backward,
Shaving everything living
From the atmosphere
Like dust from an antique chandelier.
We survived the shaking assault
Inside our love cave,
Four stone walls
Where the roaches crawled
Like a tiny army of red matter,
We watched out of the mouth
Of a dead-end hollowed space
As the moon, angry and off orbit,
Threw her spinning gray stones
To earth, each one as assaulting
As a round, angry God.
Everything went as black
As the blackest heart of Faust,
The electrical lights of big cities
Gone vague and silent,
The magnetism reversing it’s wheels.
We kept watching as the earth slowly
Floated into the abyss of a black hole,
Strolling us into a starless shade
Of universal, smoking gray.
So we carved our good-byes
Into ancient stone walls,
And there was nowhere else to go
So we drank cocaine shots
And dreamed of being stars.

Written for a prompt at DVerse Poets.


  1. geez...what an end eh? the universe coming apart and carving final messages in the walls as you await the least you get to spend it with the one you love eh?

  2. What a disaster - the earth being thrown into space.. The cocaine a final bliss... Carving messages of becoming stars.


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