Monday, January 13, 2014

The Moon Bathing

So many midnight mind scenes;
A dark hill, remote in the price
It pays to be alone.
I suffer the impact of
Broken branches on too-tough trees
In the need to be as one.
Sacrificial as ancient witchcraft or creed,
I hope amidst the silence
That love can bring myself to me.
Across my heart and above my head
Each of the moons white eyes
Pose their eerie glory,
Two illuminating pools
Of a writer’s sky, and,
Scared as a storm wind,
I litter the hills of my house
Like a wood sprite,
Lifeless in my flightless wings,
Though still breathing.

Written for prompts at MindLoveMisery and Sunday Whirl.


  1. I like this Stacy. It is so important that despite the obstacles we face we keep breathing as then there is hope. Well done.

  2. Beautiful Stacey "That love can bring myself to me.
    Across my heart and above my head
    Each of the moons white eyes
    Pose their eerie glory," I just love this section, I loved it all but that section I keep reading again and again

  3. I adore the moon's whitie eyes. Lovely writing and superb illustration.

  4. I have hills in my house too: piles of books and papers! ;)

    A Singular Whirl

  5. I can hardly breath in this solitude. Like dangerous all around drama. It makes solitude exciting so where can I find some?

  6. nice..i like the writer's sky and littering the hills of the house with words...a good thing... smiles...
    hey... feel free to visit some of the other poets that linked up with dVerse as well..

    1. ty so much. i always visit at least five of them :) i wish i could go read them all but i don't have time :(

  7. still breathing is what matters you hurts not to be able to fly, to be in the midst of the storm, but we are still alive...there is hope in that...

  8. I agree with Brian - still breathing - and ready to chase the ensuing dream.

  9. "Eerie glory" - nice phrase. It rather describes your poem, too, by the way, (Which is a compliment.)

  10. Like a dream and a nice one at that!

  11. A nice trip through the moonlit night!

  12. You're goood. Fuck you, I hate you! ;-) Seriously, it's a always a joy to stumble upon a new (to me) poet who can do this. You've got the touch.


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