Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Other Life (A Poem)

In a former life
I lived alone,
My days yawned aloud,
Bucolic in their dirt roads
And open, star-strung sky.
Each morning regained
My stiff senses their agility,
The potential in a cup of java,
The balance of a meal
Eaten in perfunctory silence.
I never missed the others,
Jittery jawbone of a co-worker,
Stiff hawk-eye of boss or friend,
All the prying public ears
In all their coo-coo clucks.
And when boredom itched
The step-weary creases
Of my foot soles,
I’d tiptoe around the hedge-edge
Of tree maze and wildflower,
Embracing the synergy
Of earth and sky,
Appreciating the perfect symmetric
Roadside stretches
Of highway and waterlines,
My alternate reality.


  1. Sounds like a good alternate reality to have as an escape from the work place!

  2. The contrast between the smallness of the jitter-jawed folk and the expansiveness of her little corner of nature is striking and marvelous. I think you just described my life.


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