Sunday, February 9, 2014

On Sleeping (A Poem)

When I am fully there
I am gutsy,
I grasp each dream,
An invisible feather pluck,
My body full of moonglow,
A citrus cupful of kiss.
I am everything,
I am routine,
My eyelids gather
The floaty grasps of Neptune,
Splendid celestial rings
That dip themselves into
My cupped palms
Like purple coffee
My inner eye roams freely,
Carrying me past pagodas
Full of star-stream,
A white river of molten lava
That flows between my ears,
A gurgling that escapes in
The swift, sleeping breath
Of my open “o” mouth.
Brave in bare hands,
I pull planets from the sky
And list their elements one by one
Cylindered cloud smelling
Of cedar wood and cinnamon vanilla
That even my fingertips can taste,
The type of overcast I could
Evaporate into and not care.

Written for prompts at Sunday Whirl and MindLoveMisery.


  1. How beautiful this piece is, I really loved it.

  2. Your poems are so inspired you can just feel the love and passion you have in them

  3. there is a beautiful energy in this...a mysticism as well...the eye lids gathering neptune...the all build really nicely....there is a sensuality that evaporation...ha

  4. An incredible piece of writing, lush with wonderfully original imagery. Wowzers!

  5. Lovely! Makes me want to go to sleep and dream something amazing right now ...


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