Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rooms For Rent (A Poem)

The swirl of the city
Can trap you beneath the depths
Of it’s cold brick like a virus,
But she always felt safe
Snuggled inside a twenty-street
Court of mortar and statue,
A waif-like frame in party-girl attire.
Supported of cheap heels and minimum wage,
She’d brave the morning commute,
All New York Times and waving pages,
The busy streets one steady drum beat
Of breathing, moving, bodies
Where strange faces could sometimes
Play tricks on your mind
When struck just right by the shadows,
And the skyline never failed to guide her
Back into the historical vintage wrap,  
A crumbling mid-city mansion of another time,
From dilapidated second floor ‘forever’s,’
Ceiling leaks of the crack addicts habit
To the meltdown of 24B,
Death of a drunkard pouring through vents
Soured of mold, decay, and age,
The poverty of a misplaced Buffalo
In the hungry faces of children who asked for change;
But for her, the old-age rental was a holiday
Of dance-blistered soles and
The moody blues of Broadway plays,
A cacoon of chipping plaster
She always vowed she’d fix later.

Written for Magpie Tales and Sunday Whirl.


  1. lot of great images enjoyed reading this piece..

  2. So many great images in this piece! Well done!

  3. Enjoyed reading this piece. Thank you.

  4. Wow, you are VERY talented! This is wonderful!

  5. I love the habitation found here inside so much that is homeless and isolated and despairing -- that no matter where one goes, the spirit and heart can find a safe place if it so chooses. To accomplish it here promises the same happiness wherever one goes. Reminds me of when I lived for a summer in New York City back in the '70s at age 18 and the interior places that were discovered amid such exterior noise. Nice work.

  6. The have described the setting so well as to make it part of the story.

  7. Court of mortar and statue is just wonderful...

  8. A Rose among the thorns, a Lily amongst decay , but thriving, finding a way ...thanks for bringing such beauty to man ....isolated in his 21 st century ruin

  9. its all those chips and memories that keep us from they might leave as well...they provide character.....

  10. Loved how you celebrated what others might find tawdry or unacceptable. Finding the good among the bad is a great quality, and it shines in this piece. Nice. I've read I think at least 6 with this photo now and this is my favorite.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  11. I love this view of a single girl's life in the city. NYC is like a different world. I give credit to those who manage to afford even a small apartment and make it their home. Lived on L.I. for 5 years. Liked to visit the city, but wouldn't want to live there. Not for this country girl! My favorite lines in this are:
    "All New York Times and waving pages,
    The busy streets one steady drum beat
    Of breathing, moving, bodies"
    NYC in a nutshell!!

  12. I can't express how lovely I think this is! I saw this photo prompt and was entirely uninspired by it and you have brought it to life in such a vibrant and glorious way.

  13. amazing detail in ur words, the way you write is like a visual for your reader, you can honestly see every word you write and imagine exactly what ur describing in full detail, you've got amazing talent for descriptive writing, i look forward to reading a lot more of ur work

  14. Really enjoyed your take on this Magpie prompt ...very creative and imaginative. Well done.

  15. So many stories, so many secrets, happy and bad times, so many different lives - wrapped up in those old buildings. You wove the personal so well with the current surroundings and the past… I just love this.


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