Tuesday, February 11, 2014

She is Epic (A Poem)

She’s the kind of girl
You can’t trust,
You don’t want to touch her
But your hands won’t listen.
She vacuums in stiletto heels
Because it’s ‘good for the thighs,’
Waves at strangers in passing cars
With a tingle in her midsection.
She is partial to loneliness,
An inked letter never sealed,
What she has to say orbits
The milky gleam
Of every new moon, unread.
The conservatives
Would witch-hunt her if they could,
Permanent twilight-gleam
Of her black eyes, her too-dark hair,
She is something unearthed,
An uninhabitable haven
With a solar core that burns your feet.
Even when you wish her away
The words she’s written
Swim the atmosphere
Like a liquid helium
That halts the cold bell of your heart
And melts the metal.
Fearless as a filament midflight,
She’s the type of girl
Who likes to keep the lights on,
The kind of girl you’d like
to take home, though you don’t.

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales.


  1. Intriguing.. the hint of a mystery and independence ... evocative in ways conservatives won't like.. and I always wondered what stilettos were good for...

  2. She's just the kind of girl to own the dance floor when ever she's out! Just living the happily ever after, till she can't dance anymore! Great magpie.

  3. 'What she has to say orbits
    The milky gleam
    Of every new moon, unread.'
    You have got into her character so completely with your own magical, poetic voice. Another blow me away poem, thank you.

  4. She is the Perivigilium Veneris , a Light Bringer of the first rank , the devil incarnate of the Christian Pantheon , though her time has come....i thought you rendered her splendiferously

  5. Enjoyed this so much..some haunting images..I had to read it twice just so I didn't miss anything.

  6. Excellent as always...I'm partial to loneliness too...


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