Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Heartstone (A Poem)

The Gods gave it to me,
Metal comet of my midsection,
Glass sheet of my chest
With a picture-window view.
For years I fed it with
Fairytales and the silk of dresses
For first date ‘hellos’
And the everyday woe it was
To live between four brick walls,
A girl alone, a girl full of dreams.
I carried them around in my pockets,
My heart full of beach-glow.
I fed it with coffee and cake,
A wormhole void of sacred touch,
Until one day it left me
For ground slugs and salted earth,
A cave in my chest that bent
In upon itself like a sinkhole
That I scrambled to fill
With crazed words of mad poets,
Biographical quotes and moon shadow
Of quiet nights when memories
Ate at my flesh like rabid gnats
And all my unlived dreams burned me
Like the spinning rings of a dead star.

Written for a prompt at Poets United.  


  1. So many of us think life will be like a fairy tale... the harsh realities hit us fast.

  2. ugh...all too real...fairy tales are not what we are sold as kids...but i still believe in them...just a little more real...the unlived dreams...that is the saddest part for me...hopefully not passed up waiting on those fairy tales...

  3. Great write, vivid words, showing why I have the desire to rewrite fairy tales!

  4. grit and ruin: remainders post-heart. well written ~

  5. Full of dreams - Great words that really come home with this. The heart a chamber of hope. This is magical and enchanting.

  6. ... to have loved and lost... but you say it in a direct, steam punk kind of way that is true to your voice and style. Fabulous!

  7. those heartbreaks do feel like sinkholes! "Ate at my flesh like rabid gnats" - this expresses well that pain!

  8. I love the carrying dreams in your pocket, and the beach-glow.....then it gets more painful. The two closing lines are brilliant.

  9. A beautifully decorated poem of dream and reality....

  10. a beach-glow heart, fed with coffee and cake... cool images..

  11. Yes, I think we all eventually fairy tales are just that -- TALES. And not everything has a happily ever after.

  12. I think women dream different as little girls than boys do. yours are fairtales ours are needs, aspirations and challenges. i'm not sure if it's cultural or hormonal. good write.
    new here to visiting you :-)

  13. rabid gnats
    eaters of our dreams
    hearts left raw

  14. S.L.,
    I love that you combine your art with your heartfelt original poetry...a marriage made in heaven! Thanks for sharing both.


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