Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Other Girl (A Poem)

I was never the kind of girl
To steady her legs against
The rusty thrill
Of movie theatre boiler rooms,
Or line my nose of
Street drugs and Methadone,
But I used to watch the way she moved,
Stoic and swift, the soft
Of her lips a canyon of stories
I could throw my whole life into.
The secondhand rosary that lay
Limp between her swelled chest,
A silver burst of stirring rhythm
To a beat I could never dance to.
I was all about words and center,
A burning churn in bedcovers, well-read,
But she could never understand
The way the lines felt,
Wedged between my neck bone,
Floating from my mouth.
I think the truth of my voice
Burned into her soul,
Me and my library of word tricks
And wild enunciations.
I wanted to walk her through
Crowded shelves of love stories,
Her mouth against my neck,
Ice cream still sweet on my lips.
I wanted to invite her into
The crowded closet
Of my hearts left ventricle
And allow her to live
Inside my safe place.
Someone who would save her
From herself,
Maybe I could have been that girl.

**Written for a prompt at Poets United.


  1. The crowded closet
    Of my hearts left ventricle - love these lines and the thought of the heart as a crowded closet. How wonderful to know your heart is crowded than in need of more!
    Your poem left me sad with that feeling for when you want so badly for someone to open their eyes and stop their pain, but they just don't know how.

  2. This is absolutely exquisite Stacy wow! I can never tell you enough how much I love your writing.

  3. the canyon of her stories i could throw my life into....there is some really cool phraseology throughout this stacy.....i feel a bit of regret there in the end or maybe a missed opportunity

  4. How powerful! I get the sense that she detached her feelings and inner self from her actions and yet they are one, or someone very close like a twin, a bosom buddy or love from childhood. I love "limp rosary" and her heartbeat, the contrasting well-read who felt lines, and "burning her soul with a library of word tricks" and etc. Your images are unique and evocative. Thank you for posting this treasure at Poets United!

  5. Packs a poetic punch in lots of ways. Such emotion!

  6. I don't think I can say anything about this that wouldn't be trite, distracting, or reveal my ignorance so I just express here my pleasure in reading and marveling at the creativeness.

  7. Just gorgeous! Sensual, sad ... anything I could say would only be stating the obvious; enough that I revel in what you do with words.


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