Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Piano Player (A Poem)

He said
Spring always reminded him
Of silk dresses,
rims of their sewn edges
Hugging the breeze
Like petals mending
Their strong, poetic skeletons
In the aftermath of winter.

We’d spy
The first flight of a butterfly
On a porch swing
In the country.
Tin trailer and a horizon
Of black-shingle roof
To shed us from the sun.

Two ice teas between us,
We’d talk of books,
The stiff voice of Yeats,
The sheets where Sexton slept,
And like a traveler mid-stop,
He’d bring his melodies to me.

I’d ride the baritone waves
Of his old love songs,
His tan skin and hand joints,
all open-throat and thrashing keys.
And when his fingers paused mid-play,
I’d pray he still had
Something left to say to me.


  1. lovely poem.. with a story weaved through out... you entice the reader to know more...

  2. really love the close on this stacy...there is a sweet intimacy and longing in that last stanza....

  3. Yes, that ending is wonderful! Loved reading this, with the open throat and thrashing keys........and the praying he'd still have "something left to say to me".

  4. A lovely poem. it tells the story of two very well, and could even be just as enjoyable broken into four small poems. Each line stands so well on its own. Great write indeed.

  5. I so enjoyed it I came back again. Lol! "And when his fingers paused mid-play,
    I’d pray he still had
    Something left to say to me." Wow!

  6. Saying it in notes is the best way - for me anyway!

  7. so very nicely done and I like the "nature" in your poem,

  8. This is top-notch stuff. They say the silences are as important as the notes, and never more so than here, where so much past and future (?) waits inside a pause.

    I adore your header picture and quote.

  9. I like the notion of spring being a silk dress...excellent, as always...

  10. Excellent; has to be one to savour, to save and to read again.

  11. lovely write..especially enjoyed the last verse..


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