Monday, February 24, 2014

The Summer Rental (A Poem)

I meant to write about an old, rambling mansion, perhaps nestled in the hills of a homely Irish outpost.  Rather, I think I wrote more about it's inhabitant, it's summer guest.  I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Clover surrounds the structure
Like a strange night,
A moss-colored linoleum
That spreads it’s claim
Across the mountain plains
Like a preacher on his last sermon
The trees don’t bother to listen,
They already know the
Endlessness of a holiday summer,
Serendipity of butterfly and
The strange-house gypsy,
A marriage of sparkling
Peri-winkle of her iris
And the smoky indigo of wings;
Her sandaled toes that snag the
Over-growth like a flesh briar.
Brash as a new idea,
Light as the white matter of poppy,
She braves the vast prairie alone.
The birds find her absurd
In her twisted hemp and colored pens,
Each one eager for the soundstage
Of her new company, they join
Her merry song and it becomes
The voice of morning, high notes
Cracking the creaking sweep
Of sacred pines in their lazy-sway.
She speaks to the holed rabbits
Of words like love and peace
And they, not comprehending language,
Still understand that the newly-lit
Windows mean exotic food, that her
lavender-scented hands mean safety.

Written for a prompt at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.


  1. Wonder-ful participation mystique here between the poet and her scene and theme, so that two separate ways of singing become one eventual grandeur. Tandems work this way, like the old 2 faced god Janus, a way of seeing two perspectives at once. I really like they worked it out and merged.

  2. Loved the progression of this, beautiful write.

  3. This is such a colourful portrait of an intriguing and magical character.

    The birds find her absurd
    In her twisted hemp and colored pens,
    Each one eager for the soundstage
    Of her new company...

  4. You set the scene and the mood so beautifully. I love it that the rabbits know she means safety.

  5. Sounds like a summer life of sweetness.. and bliss.. Somehow the last part made me think of Snowwhite making friends with brirds and beasts of the wood

  6. You have some terrific phrases here ... moss colored linoleum ... periwinkle of her iris ... pines in their lazy sway. Nice work.

  7. some great visuals with these words... the thought of an endless summer definitely appealed...

  8. Gorgeous imagery! I loved the image of summer feet picking through the undergrowth.

  9. this is a glimpse into magic ~

  10. This was a magical adventure so enjoyed the journey..

  11. is a bit of magic...i like the speaking to the rabbits...and though they do not understand
    but they do understand the essentials...


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