Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing Past Midnight (A Poem)

Coffee, brown mother
Of my daydreams,
She keeps me from my sleep.
And there are too many books
Upon the kitchen table,
Shiny, brilliantly-leathered
Collectible editions and the
Brittle-sleeved vintage reads
With their cold interiors,
Their haunted gothic towers.
And there are too many places
My notebooks have yet
To travel, thick and dented
In their late-night scribe,
Winded as an 18th century
War-time letter, confessional
And contrite, flowery as
a field full of dandelion dreams,
the well-read heart of my pen,
too many words that haunt
my fingers like parasitic black ghosts;
they are small and thimble,
though deep as a swelled shell,
a closed-together ocean
you could dive into and drown,
floating flesh of yesterday’s entry,
a secret place the soul goes to hide,
when the body is dead and
there’s still something left
unsaid between the pages.

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales.


  1. An exquisite write! Hopefully this will be read by more Magpie Tales contributors, it deserves a proper airing!

  2. thanks so much, i submitted it later in the week, so it probably won't get many views :/

  3. I envy you the treasure in those notebooks! I like the "coffee, brown mother of my daydreams" line a lot!

  4. i have a shelf full of notebooks....full of verse...of notes..impressions on the day...i like to go back to them on occassion and recapture some of the early innocence of verse...parasitic black have a bit of darkness in a few of my verse.

  5. Loved, loved this Stacy! I loved every line and how it made me feel

  6. STRONG first two lines, make the reader want to read more. Well Done!

  7. Loved the opening lines as it sets the scene for the poem..well done..

  8. The poem deservs many more comments...this is a fantastic write this wonderful bookland, truly a secret place the soul goes to hide,

  9. worth views, though, Stacy. I especially like the middle -

    Winded as an 18th century
    War-time letter, confessional


  10. That opening line really made me want a cup of coffee badly lol! Good writing!

  11. Notebooks are disappearing treasures. It's wonderful to hear you've kept yours.

  12. Those first two lines are priceless.

  13. Oh, those unsaid things between the pages...


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