Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blue Moons in Spring (A Poem)

I want to hang my dreams
Behind the blue moon of Spring,
Omnipresent sky God
Of Juniper and Poinsettia
Where the fedora tips of cowboy hats
Bend themselves for southern belles
Fresh in red plaid,
Their suede shoes sliding into
A thatch of clover, back garden
Becoming a soundstage of color,
The red tips of roses tickling
Fingertips like a mischievous romantic,
Pulling noses stiff from winter
Into the atmosphere like
Old dogs resurrected for a time,
Spirits light as air and hands
Clasped for campfires where
My grandmother remembers
What it was to dance
In crowded pool rooms and
Musty banjo halls with men
She only half loved, never yet to
Worry of gray whiskers
Or the death they surely toll,
One ear singing the youngest to sleep
To a chorus of crickets and coon dogs,
And the other cajoling the days end
With the lonesome strings of Hank or Merle,
How they blew their words into her ears
On the wings of an Appalachian mountain wind.

Written for a prompt at dVerse Poets.


  1. I specially love the opening verses of blue moon of spring and memories of your grandmother ~

    Thanks for linking up ~

  2. grandmother's nostalgia expressed through narrator's wish so beautifully :)

  3. nice an the soundstage of color...a mix of senses...
    i know the influence of those songs as well there in the end...
    about 2.3 of the way through when you start focusing on your mom
    you really bring this into something meaningful
    for me...its a cool piece....

  4. A.. Ike the way you weave it together.. A progression from the general to the specific.. lots of nice picture you paint.

  5. Lovely work--some of these lines are whole poems in miniature. Very well done!

  6. You have such a beautiful and unique way of writing...poetic, vivid images and yet you tell a story with rich history. It's like a huge tapestry of needle points. So fun to read many times.!

  7. love that part with your gramma... the half-loved men and the appalachian mountain wind... cool

  8. Sounds like Spring Madness to me! Lovely write!

  9. vivid depiction of place and culture

  10. This is filled with rich imagery, a delight to the senses and intellect.

  11. Odd and perfect pairing of spring-tide floods of freshened emotion and a visit to memory's dance-hall, Ms. History and Mr. Mystery (or is it the other way around?) taking to the floor together. We do step into the shoes of our elders to take up the same old dance ... yet turning or troping those old motions into something like this, fresh and new ...

  12. Stacy this is divine I love your imagery and word choices!

    I wanted to tell you I opened a new prompt site that features daily prompts

  13. I love how an ode to spring dips into a nostalgic bent - yes, we have all been young once. Lovely.

  14. Love your words, rich imagery indeed and a pure pleasure to read.
    Anna :o]


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