Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Of Moon-Bathers and Night-Trains (A Poem)

They circle the stops
Like a creamy-skinned séance,
Smelling of jasmine and
Something stale against
The headlight fog
That peels and hurls itself
Into this night of black owls
And tarot spells.
The lonely, single girls
Of a stiff-backed city,
Pretty-made faces and
Big hair hailing taxis or
Traveling the downtown train stops
Like gypsies with no foresight,
Dipping their waving hands
Into the yellow sea of moon.
They wear his beams like a cologne,
Scrap their heels into
His afterglow like the fitted shrill
Of a stiletto shoe;
They pull him into strange doors,
Smear him, in layers, across
Sweaty train rides
Into roads that go nowhere.
They are flamboyant as breeze,
Their undulating club-beats
That secretly dream of a formal
Rendezvous, of strange gray
Cities like Amsterdam,
The charm of sophistication and Bach.
Travel any street with a side-view
And you can see into them like
The open windows of
City high-rise buildings or co-ed dorms,
Shaving or kissing, all silver
And gleaming like the finest wine,
Like a corkscrew caught mid-turn,
They stand half-naked and waiting
For something to save them.

Written for a prompt at Poetry Jam.


  1. Your poem really drew me in, Stacy. Loved all the descriptors. You brought them to life. Their big hair. Stiletto heels. Pretty-made faces. And the ending took my breath away. And oh, how I hope they DO find that something that will save them.

    1. Thank you so much Mary, I am happy you like it! I, too, hope they find that something! :)

  2. The imagery is phenomenal with this piece - so many diverse aspects that combine beautifully. I particularly liked:

    "Big hair hailing taxis or traveling the downtown train stops"

    That fits so well with the accompanying picture!

  3. Wow, such a cool write. Amazing imagery.

  4. whew...great last line...waiting for something/someone to save it all a bit of def write it so we can see them...know them just a bit....

  5. Oh yes I see those girls .. they are on the subways of Stockholm saturday nights too... really vibrant.. and you just hope that they found something that does not bite them... I loved the writing.

  6. You paint the scene so clearly. I can see the glittery hopeful girls, tinged with sadness. Wonderful write.

  7. so vibrant description...i love the yellow sea of moon...a fantastic write...

  8. A couple of kids hubby and a house in the burbs will save them and then they can dream of city lights:)

  9. great images -- really makes me remember city life, lonely and lovely. thanks.

  10. these are really cool lines:

    The lonely, single girls
    Of a stiff-backed city



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