Thursday, April 17, 2014

Orange Beach (#10)

They never mention
in the gloss-shiny brochures
and elite travel magazines
of how rude tourists can be,
or how you can't
walk the beach past nine
because the ocean,
angry and overflowing,
spits huge jelly fish onto the shore
with the fervor of
an over-exerted ejaculation.
They seem to skip details:
the dirty smell of each wave
that sours your swimsuit,
the way the beach sand
sinks between your toes
and pores like pebbles meant
to cripple your morning walk.
They never mention how lonely
an exquisite condo can be
when drunken friends become strangers
and you watch, desolately,
as the sun hides her smile behind
buildings painted silly colors
while all you can think about
is how many miles you are
away from everything familiar,
how you miss your favorite blanket
and the leaky faucet in the
upstairs bathroom back home.

Written for a prompt at Poets United.


  1. oh, this is a bit sad...i usually go to the beach to retreat from the world...but you def created a lonely place of being in this...far from home...and comfort...

  2. I hate that! When the sea is angry at our dirt and loudness--When a holiday is not a holiday for aware guests and true denizens. Home always beckons.

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Poets United. Love. It!! You captured a mood perfectly with the vivid imagery. My favorite:

    and you watch, desolately,
    as the sun hides her smile behind
    buildings painted silly colors

  4. the soft, subtle and gay spirit of holidays is not for's much better to stay at home than waste time on such company...the sadness and bitter mood can be well read here...powerful words...

  5. Like Brian, the sea is usually a place where I find myself and feel the most comfortable. The sadness is palpable.

  6. !! that is some kind of jelly. being in Orange County, CA (perhaps not the Orange to which you refer) I nonetheless can clearly see what you've drawn. palpable melancholy ~

  7. I hear you. I love vacations but after a while I start missing home. Too many tourists can be annoying. I do love the ocean though ... it's sad it brought you such discomfort.

  8. It sounds like this vacation was not the vacation hoped for. Sometimes things just don't turn out as one dreams. One thing for sure, no matter where one travels, there is no place like home.

  9. well this was a reference to orange beach, alabama during off season. it was okay...i was just a bit forlorn one night....i did have a lovely time...this was just one moment out of the whole vacation. however, i'd much rather prefer the beaches of cali...preferably half moon bay...where we don't see many jelly fish haha. :)

  10. This is rather sad.. Recently I was in Alabama and our happy beach time was slightly ruined by jellyfish, but the rest of the stay was marvellous. I know how it feels to have a messed up vacation though!

  11. You give voice to all the feelings we have when we are away from home and not settled, comfortable. And I love your flip-side telling of the reality of the beach.


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