Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Trinket Shop (A Poem)

Broken things speak to me,
the moving fingers of
headless things, brainless memories.
The whispering, mouthless confession
of things unfinished,
the many-lived lives
of inanimate things
that can sometimes be
more human than even ourselves.

Written for a prompt at Toads.


  1. You are so right, they can be so much more human-like!

  2. You grabbed me right in with that first line! I also find imperfection much more interesting! Thanks for playing along!

  3. well crafted to the prompt, Stacy Lynn, especially with that 3rd line ~

  4. I am touched by the direct voice and open vulnerability. Nicely written.

  5. zinger of a last couple lines
    the inanimate things that can be more
    human than we....

    hope your week is going well
    thanks for popping in today...smiles.


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