Monday, May 19, 2014

Coffee Talk (A Poem)

Plain people
In their tailored suits
And perfectly polished dress shoes,
They tap manicured fingers
While waiting for stiff drinks
And wonder what poets across the room
talk about over the messy edges of café tables,
Toppling bottles of half-drank wine,
And the coffee-stained pages
We exchange as if sharing secrets:
That an unleashed mind is a happy life,
How the whole world spins,
A shedding wilderness of words
From a vortex in the frontal lobes
Of our disheveled brains, so full
Of good films and literary autobiographies
That there’s no time left to lend to reality TV,
How fluid the body is when words
Become art and the pen fills the skin,
How sustainable love lives when veiled
In the expression of shameless creation.,
How strong the pull of death
Into so many notebooks,
Brash handwriting of well-lived moments,
The grand metamorphosis immortalized.
How meaningful the lonely moments
Of this night can stretch themselves
Into the star shine of a haiku or soliloquy,
Ink-covered hands and blood-shot eyes
Crossing themselves like prayers across
First drafts and pages full of paragraphs,
my crusted coffee cups spent of words,
Those blue, curvy mamas who open
morning windows and warm my wintered hands.

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales.

**NOTE:  I've been away the past few weeks recuperating from an awful cold and a case of bronchial pneumonia.  Shew...thankfully finally am feeling much better.  I have missed the poetry community and all my wonderful writer friends/acquaintances.  I am happy to be back. 


  1. Sorry you've been so ill, my husband had quite a time with a recent cold turned ear infection. Good to see you back and what a fantastic write.

  2. I knew as soon I saw the Sexton quote in the header (one of my favourite poets) that this would be a great read, and I was right! I love that initial juxtaposition of the perfectly polished plain people and the messy ink-printed poets - yet both would regard themselves as an archetype of discipline. Many great lines, but I particularly like: "How meaningful the lonely moments
    Of this night can stretch themselves
    Into the star shine of a haiku or soliloquy,"

  3. .....and you're back in style after your pneumonia health scare! I've heard it is a very sore and exhausting condition - happy you're over the worst!

  4. Ah what a wonderful place you took us.. To sit there writing and observing.. Hope there is room for more poets...

  5. Aptly put, Stacy. I've lived in both these lives and several others too.
    I hadn't thought of writing as an unleashing of the mind but I love it and
    do feel it that way. People sort of understand me that way but really it
    doesn't matter too much as long as readers understand my writing and
    might feel some application to them, even if only to critically review.

  6. Wow, if this is what having a nasty cold, bronchial distress and time away from writing does .... I may have to consider it as a viable option! Great write.

  7. This was so enjoyable it made me smile at the images of poets with coffee-stained pages, toppling bottles of half drank wine

  8. This is superb. I enjoyed it so much that I would like to share it on my blog if you are in agreement. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly, I hope you are feeling better now

    1. Cait, I love your writing and I am flattered you want to share my poem. And I am happy you enjoyed it!! :) Go ahead and feel free to share it!

  9. How wonderful to be so young and believe that much in poetry. May the messy exuberance of it remain stubborn through all of the reductions and compromises and editors to come. Poetry has its own reality show and it costs nothing to watch. Nothing hence everything ... Stay loud 'n' proud. Glad you're out of the flu woods.

  10. well crafted, Stacy Lynn - and this line had me smiling -

    That there’s no time left to lend to reality TV


  11. Beautifully put together and full of crafted moments of recognition. Like this 'Brash handwriting of well-lived moments,The grand metamorphosis immortalized.' Very good.

  12. ah, the cold probably explains why you just linked on tuesday and not visited then...
    hope you are feeling better.

    How fluid the body is when words
    Become art and the pen fills the skin,

    like those lines. i have a few coffee stains on my notebooks...

  13. this is a wonderful read and so many great lines.."How meaningful the lonely moments / Of this night can stretch themselves / Into the star shine of a haiku or soliloquy" these lines and these moments of creation...

  14. Brian, I am behind on everything....including this blog, my other blogs, and comments. Heh...I will visit you shortly! :)


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