Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Splitting Star Matter (A Poem)

“Beginnings are brutal, like this accident of stars colliding, mute explotions of colorful gasses…”
~Dorianne Laux

His left eye, blue as sky,
A nervous wring of cigarette-stained fingers
And always speaking to me
Clear as silence,
Opening my mind like
A lotus flower, full bloom,
And a raw innocence I’ve since
Been unable to tap into.
In those early days
Of shedding skin, I peeled
From within myself
Like an open blister,
And was unable to go back
To the silly thing I’d been before.
The night would churn itself,
Thick as creamed coffee,
Spinning us into its mausoleum
Of ancient elk and
The spiny thorns of pine.
He was the sophistication
To my school girl blues,
Reminding me that my best moments
Were still unspent as old coins.
His stories were pages
I could crawl into if I listened
Hard enough to the fancy enunciations
Of his Mid-Western drawl
on cozy winter nights,
too awake of caffeine,
The baby’s howl in my left ear,
Lightning strike in my right.
I was Alice trapped between two covers,
One side metaphor, the other distant memory,
When we burst across the sky
One hot July night,
Starving script-writer meets poet,
An explosion of two distant stars,
Spinning into the shiny matter
Of one another,
Planetary lovers, Neptune aligned,
The Cancer to my Pisces,
The psychics’ perfect match.
We were a brilliant concoction
Of cheap convenience-store beer
And the rusty midnight trains of Waits,
So rich you could almost drink us,
And too drunk on the prolific debates
That pulled us into each other
Like magnetic poles
Folding a complete universe together,
We’d talk ourselves into a 3am stupor
And awake with the enunciation
Of Elvis across our lips,
An eight-hour separation
Between Chicago and Kentucky
The splitting image
Of one star broken in half.

Written for  dVerse Poets. and Poetry Jam.


  1. What an incredible write - and experience! - this, I cant imagine if this did not continue - what would ever measure up to it? I love the amazingly original imagery throughout, most poignant the thought of that final star broken in half. Fantastic writing.

  2. ha. what an experience...and what a crazy life it is eh? and the connections we make even if for a stars colliding...sounds like it was fun times at least...

  3. the catalyst that changes us forever - fine write

  4. I like all the concrete descriptions in this. A very power meeting apparently! LOL

  5. powerful words and images..."I was Alice trapped between two covers"..a haunting line..

  6. Oh this is just so amazing writing - a story - love and lust - and contrasts - cheap beer and stars -- love it

  7. I enjoyed the cosmic and vivid dimension of your poem!

  8. This was an epic write, captured, and kept my attention.

  9. Hmm, I enjoyed your quote -- and the writing for my prompt at dVerse; but I am still trying to figure out the connection to the rain / drought prompt at Poetry Jam. ??

    1. in the middle of the poem...i speak of a

    2. also i viewed the meeting/relationship as a sort of celestial shower...just my own little take on the idea of rain, i suppose.

    3. Thanks, Stacy..I missed the rainstorm first time through.

    4. You are very welcome, and thank you as well for dropping by to read my poem, dear!! :)

  10. Vivid images... beautiful poem!

  11. This is so vivid and alive, makes you want to immerse yourself in the experience. Love it.

  12. "Reminding me that my best moments
    Were still unspent as old coins."

    That is an amazing time in one's life - on the threshold … Your vivid writing puts us right there with you. Just wonderful!

  13. love this line: "I was Alice trapped between two covers"

    and all of it ~

  14. Oh, the power of that strong influence in your life ... a meeting of two life forces that explode to create the most intense circumstances ... this is so powerful a piece! good work!

  15. I was stunned with * '' His stories were pages I could crawl into if I listened'' * Your material keeps on pleasing. Gifted, I'd say!

  16. Fantastic verse, I loved it. The idea of the star broken in half.....just wow.


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