Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dreams of the Fisherman's House

Summer dreams are fluid,
Willowy clouds I wish upon
When the porch of my Appalachia
Is mosquito-clouded and rained out.
I long for the scent of ocean water,
Sandy terrain of beach and dunes
That lean toward the open arms of the sea,
Palm trees breaking the seal
Of an unsaid invitation.
I’d trade these itchy fields
Of dandelion and honeysuckle
For the paved maze of a sea-side village,
Perhaps the long strip of Gulf Shores
Or the shaded rocks of Half Moon Bay,
An early-morning walk against
The birdcall of seagulls and pelicans,
Jovial smile of the seamen,
Sturdy in their tanned shoulders
And straw hats as they propel
Huge nets and fishing reels
Into the dark blue, open deep.
I’d waste countless days
With my feet buried in the sand,
Eye on the wave, book on my knees,
Cabana-style umbrella waving
Against the burn of a broad sun.
I’d chase my stiff drinks with diet coke,
Straight from 32 into middle-age.
Dine at the finest restaurants,
Home-fried fish, live music,
Someone romantic to share my table,
Dark eyed in a private corner.
I’d launch my heart into
The mortared water of some
Swanky fisherman’s village
And anchor away.

Written for prompts at MindLoveMisery and Sunday Whirl.


  1. You have won me over! How enticing this writing is. I am sure you must have lived it too.

  2. Oh this is deliciously vivid Stacey makes me want to go to the beach!

  3. Middle age comes knocking quickly that's for sure..I think time spent reading and on the beach is far from wasted..what a celebration of your landscape..

  4. Your use of imagery really hooks the reader this was delightful to read.

  5. You have adeptly written of the yearning for beach and sea...I am blessed to live an hour from it. Love your ending!

  6. Why not? What keeps you from living this very specific dream? Love it.

  7. Oh my God, I could have written every word of this except for the palm trees........I long for the beach and live inland, which has been true for too many years of my life.......sigh. Loved every line of this.

  8. I really loved the images you shared here, Stacy. You make me want to jump into your dream and live it.

  9. I love to be there, what a lovely summer dream ~ Very well done ~

  10. Great dreamy evocation of summer near the sea! Your poem made me think of Brittany and Sweden, their beaches and small fishing villages.

  11. ha. now that is a dream that i could get into as well....smiles...
    i wanna waste countless days with my feet in the sand...smiles.

  12. The longing for simplicity is palpable and beautifully spoken. We are alike somewhat: You: grow roots in a fishing village, me: a mountain cabin. But, we both long for intellectual solitude dipped it the peaceful co-existence with nature. This is a solid well thought out and lovely poem that I really enjoyed reading.

    1. ty friend. about this, a beautiful seaside cabin resting on a perch overlooking the ocean. haha...i think i could live there forever! :)

      thank you for visiting me. so happy to see you here. i'll be by your blog shortly!!

    2. That sounds less like compromise and more like transcendent synergy. Where is this place? I'll move there today!!!

    3. i'm not sure, it probably only resides inside a book somewhere. ah, but we can dream, huh? lol. or strike it rich and go build it somewhere.

  13. Hi Stacy, this spoke well to the islander in me! woohoo! everything you described, everything you remembered, was all about Ocean City, Maryland and of course my own island the U.S. territory of American Samoa. :)


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