Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Cafe In A Strange City"

Chestnuts and yogurt
With a side of black coffee,
Street-lights and high-rise windows
Winking like stranded supernovas,
Our grand view of a foreign city,
Classy bus boys dressed in
Peacock-colored shirts
That blur into the atmosphere
Like a vintage tie-dye shirt,
Almost invisible except for the
Rolling-tongue baritone of their voices
Across a room dense of too-crowded tables,
The lonely blues of a saxophone
Sucking the air from your lungs
Like a monsoon in a garden gutter,
Addled, the words of your conversation
With me shed their meaning as swiftly
As a poppy-seed in a snowcloud.
I can tell you are always thinking of her
When you swallow your scotch on the rocks
Just a little too quickly,
Your pale-spidered fingers desperately
Scraping against my wrists and palms
Like dead tree branches
While silly, young hosts chirp
Like a flock of morning birds
In their skirts and heels, except
It is not morning anymore
And my head is starting to ache
From the energy it takes not touch you.
The starving artist waiters flutter
Past me, pockets full of straws and wishes,
Their trills and words only as beatnik
As they’d like to think,
Dropping names and taking favors,
They pillage for tips at the table behind me,
Their reflection shining at me from
Your pupils like a still life photo I’d like to shred.

Written for a prompt at Red Wolf Poems.


  1. Thanks for the relationship story. I like how you used the peacock here: Peacock-colored shirts
    That blur into the atmosphere
    Like a vintage tie-dye shirt,

  2. very cool scene you created...i love the city and it made me think of it...we just took our boys to NYC for the first time...and they loved much to take in...but i like how you narrow it to their eyes there in the end ....

  3. Bravo! Bravo! exquisite piece with a familiar story beneath it. a story so sharp it hurts when your lover is still thinking of his/her ex. I love this poem!!!


  4. Beautiful and vivid and powerful. I enjoyed reading this. :)

  5. I think you have evoked every sense in this poem. Wonderful scene you created here, one that makes me want to know more.

  6. "Street-lights and high-rise windows / Winking like stranded supernovas,"...stunning images the details and the visual and aural effects...beautiful..

  7. Ah, so vibrant the world of your not so happy tryst! I can see it and hear too...and so contrasting 'his' dead touch and glass like eyes...excellent! ~ You are very talented writer :)x

  8. The high rise windows "winking like stranded supernovas"! This is a fantastic write, which tells a very familiar story.....the one longing to love, the other thinking of the past. Sigh. Well done!

  9. Some great images I read I could feel the story unfolding before my eyes. Great job!

  10. Very well described. Great imagery that came alive for me. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  11. Your words painted a narrative picture .

  12. This is an excellently realized piece, Stacey. You set the scene so well and your portraits are drawn with an eye for the emotive connection between people. Brilliant use of simile throughout. This is a poem to be proud of.

  13. I was happy to see your link among the Sunday poets so I skipped ahead and read your's first. Haven't been linking my posts lately either, probably because my mood is bad and I, consequently, don't feel like my work is up to acceptable quality. You on the other hand seem to be flying . . . .

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  14. This is just so exquisite .. so many phrases and descriptions that make me gasp.. the tension of what's possible and the fears of rejection so palpable... so I almost think you have been in that situation...


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