Monday, August 18, 2014

"How Love Is"

This is how love is…

One is misunderstood,
Another walks into the vast sparkle
Of a Van Gogh night.
Street lights illuminate
The city bridge and high-rise buildings,
A concrete map constructed
Of midnight black and chip-block.

Somewhere in a field beyond
The lonesome road, another stray soul
Roams the green fields,
A pale piece of ivory moving with the wind.
And beyond the pavement and
A crowd of trees, their leaves
Whispering softly in a warm breeze,
Roars a bitter sea,
It slides amongst the coast
And the darkened underwater coves
Like a blue silhouette of the finest ink.

And somewhere someone
I don’t know is speaking
Into the hollow neck of a tall glass,
Gazing out their window
Into the landscape of an alleyway.
But this does not matter.

What matters is
It is midnight,
And it has been a long time
Since I gathered the ocean in my hands,
Felt the wing-beats
Of pelicans and seagulls
Flash their quick breeze past me.

And somewhere far away
Center-piece in a square
Of yellow window-light
Someone is dancing alone.

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales and shared at Toads open link.


  1. " has been a long time
    Since I gathered the ocean in my hands"

    These lines make want to know everything about the speaker.

  2. So many lonely people just missing each other. This reads so beautifully.

  3. this was a well developed piece taking me, the reader, into a soliloquy of wanting the attention of love.
    from painting the picture with soft gentle strokes of romantic place envisioned to one where i also wish to ...gather some of the ocean in my hands.

    very nice, gracias for sharing

  4. This is how loneliness is... This is longing...

  5. So eloquent, and rather moving...

  6. Somehow I took the words Magpie Tales and imagined this was written from bird's the point of view - sitting somewhere taking in all the visuals you describe - from above. In this way I experienced how a tiny god might perceive the various ways humans experience love, and it was painfully beautiful.

  7. an emotional write that had me surfing on every word.

  8. YUM... And it has been a long time
    Since I gathered the ocean in my hands,
    Felt the wing-beats
    Of pelicans and seagulls...

    Great Mag. Love and Light, S

  9. Beautiful, rich with emotion

  10. yes... been a long time. must do something about that.

  11. Very vivid, profound and beautiful. Loved it. :)

  12. For all retired mariners , life in the sandstone hospice built near the waters edge is tantalisingly painful and raw ....

  13. Stacy this is lovely....thought provoking and touching.

  14. A pale piece of ivory moving with the wind...oh that's lovely...always a treat Stacy...

  15. 2nd stanza of this poem is my favorite!

  16. What an incredible poem. You are so gifted. This part gave me chills: "What matters isIt is midnight,And it has been a long timeSince I gathered the ocean in my hands" ... And that last stanza. Oh, my.

    I wrote an Anne Sexton cento that you might enjoy. Come and take a gander, if you're ever in the mood:


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