Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Autumn Night"

Brown-ashed leaves
Crumble like forgotten webs
Of summer’s hungry spiders.
I walk along a one-way street
And wonder when the moon will rise,
A roaming spotlight across this lonely night.

Scarecrow hands in a field nearby
Twitch of un-spit rain,
The sky spins a blue-pink mesh,
Lonely for a lover, perhaps Neptune.
And as I look across dayfall,
the stack of hay bales on a hill in the distance
Becomes a golden sphinx,
a close-mouthed cat that smiles his secrets.

I am as lonely as these trees,
The thick wood nearby shivering without
The lush of leaves and seed.
Where are you, the shrill spell of night birds
That whiz the bitter truth across
Closed windows of sleeping houses
Like a black Nebula, southbound?

The quiet is a hard, dull pull
That attracts me to empty things,
Things without beating hearts or hands for warmth…
ramshackled barns in their rusty wheels,
Church ruins without proper hymns or Gods,
And the abandoned grocery store near I75,
It’s bricks as hollow as a thousand broken hearts.

Written for a challenge prompt at Toads.  Originally, we were to read the poetry of Karin Boyle and write a poem inspired by her original work.  My poem above was inspired by Boyle's Winter Night.


  1. Ah, the abandoned town. If only its lost treasures could talk, and tell their tale of life in the village. Some would cry, I am sure.

  2. I think you portrayed that loneliness and abandonment you feel in a winter night so well... projected in one of those deserted towns it makes perfect sense... rain still hanging in the air (un-spit--- lovely term).. glad you liked the prompt

  3. Some highways change entire areas to empty zones. Your phrases are very expressive and describe winter & solace with so much emptiness, I could see the grocery store so well in my mind as I read. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love all the sounds and images you've painted in your poem. When you're saying about loneliness and describing the nature ah, so tasty for me...I feel this person can't be lonely while seeing and enjoying the beauty of nature...~ Thanks for visiting/commenting at my blog. :)x

  5. This is a wonderful example of a mood piece - the melancholy and sense of abandonment are palpable in your evocative description.
    Beautiful poetry.

  6. Oh, just drips with forlorn wandering. Particularly loved the line "Twitch of un-spit rain."

  7. Stacy, this grabbed and shook me ~


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