Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Prompt #1: 'Love Is Paradise' Word List

I found this song back in December 2012.  I had no idea it fell beneath the genre of 'EuroPop' and really didn't care (though now, it's a genre I've explored and enjoy quite a bit).  Anyway, I was going through a transition back then.  An inner battle much ado to my own sexuality, my loneliness, an innate need to search the depths of myself for questions yet unanswered...questions about life, meaning, and my existence.  I was becoming an explorer and digging into music, quotes, poets, books, and new authors allowed me the freedom to engage myself to this private cause.

But within this song (and I've found it's only included in the official video version, which is what I'm sharing), there's a speech/verse which is a passage by the philosopher Iris Murdoch that touched me deeply.  This was a verse about love, acceptance, forgiving and existing purely as what you are in this crazy universe where most things remain a mystery.

Below is the passage that I love so.  It took me quite a few times of listening to the song to get it all written down, so forgive me if you find a variation from her actual text:

"Everything was love.  Everything will be love.  Everything has been love.  Everything would be love.  Everything would have been love.  Ah, that was it, the truth at last:  everything would have been love.

The huge eye, which became an immense sphere was gently breathing.  Only it was not an eye or a sphere but a great, wonderful animal covered in little waving legs like hairs.  Waving, oh so gently as if they were under water.  'All shall be well, and all shall be well,' said the ocean.  

So the place of reconciliation existed after all.  Not like a little knothole in a cupboard, but floating everywhere and being everything.  I had only to will it and it would be for spirit is omnipotent, only I never knew it, like being able to walk on the air.

I could forgive.  I could be forgiven.  I could forgive, perhaps that was the whole of it after all.  Perhaps being forgiven was just forgiving, only no one had ever told me.  There was nothing else needful, just to forgive.  Forgiving equals being forgiven, the secret of the universe.  

Do not, whatever you do, forget it.  The past was folded up and in the twinkling of an eye everything had been changed and lived beautiful and good."

So, for my very first prompt I've compiled a word-list from Murdoch's passage.  Let these words take you where they will.  You don't have to write about the meaning of life or forgiveness or love (or anything even related to the passage above)...though you can if that's where your inspiration takes you.

Word List:













So, there you have it.  Keep this prompt for a rainy day or write with it and link us in the comments so we can share our work with each other!

But most of all, just have fun and inspire each other!!


  1. I'll go ahead and add my own poem. I hope, eventually, my prompts will get more foot traffic. I know it's new and all...

  2. 'lonely' is only one letter away from 'lovely'.
    Think of it as 'alone'.
    As you said in a comment on my page: "As I read this, I kept thinking how much I love my own shell. Some days, my happiest place is that inside myself."
    I thought that was very wise.
    Also: cemeteries are really rather lively places: people chatting whilst they are renewing the flowers. We lived next door to one in a very old village and it could be rather noisy at times, strangely enough. I never minded it, even at midnight, when the ghosts come out to play :-)
    Good luck with your new prompt page.
    Sadly I am not good with words I didn't choose myself. But I may have a go.

    1. thanks so much for your comments. i do believe loneliness is good for the soul! to live next to a 'village' i can't help but wonder where you're from??

      and i welcome you to 'the stars' anytime...i love hearing from my fellow writers. :)

  3. I will return at some point and join in one of your prompts

    1. having you join in would be most lovely! :)

  4. This is beautiful/profound Stacy and a wonderful word list you have created. Excellent prompt! My only bit of advice might be that if the prompt is in your feed every time you post it goes further down which might make is difficult to find especially if you plan to run the prompt for several days. On Wordpress you can make pages sticky which means they will always be the first post. I am not sure how Blogspot works though maybe the prompt could have a separate page? I am just thinking of visibility and organization. I use Mister Linky to help organize the links and it makes it easy for me then searching through the comments for links

  5. thanks so much for the valuable input! i know you've been running prompts for quite a while, i love your organization!

    i usually privately create prompts to write by, using things that inspire me, so i figured why not share some of them.

    if people choose to write and link, i'd be honored. though i'm just as happy to merely inspire or have them write with them privately in their own time. it's all in the spirit of poetry, inspiration, creativity. :)

    1. I think it is a great idea Stacy. You are an amazing writer and reading your work always inspires me XD


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