Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Assistant Editor

Her heart is a gold pin and she crosses herself when the homeless walk past even though she is not religious.  Her private world is a cave of thrifts and trinkets in an old apartment on the Eastside with vintage-paper walls just wide enough to live between. 

She is weird in the way she loves how the city never sleeps, loves how dangerous the avenue is on humid nights, an ocean of drunken kids and oblivious middle-aged bitterness.  And, when after only two drinks , the downers carry her in wobbly black boots back into a kitchen with brown bulbs and no one to visit, she keeps vigil for all the lonely stars with stale birthday cake and discount drugstore wine, the kind that numbs her teeth but heats her mind of memories that haunt her nights like the creepy, strange faces of the vintage actors at the Sunday Matinee. 

On Fridays she pretends she’s someone else.  Biting lips with strangers, allowing their unfamiliar hands to hiccup across her lower back in stuffy taxis, a futile expression to the cosmos that she no longer cares that greedy no-names of dance clubs and twilight dig into her skin like miners, each unfelt kiss a picket to shave her exterior at 3am when the alcohol loses its sting.  Then fast-forward to a sticky 7am sharp where she stands naked searching the medicine cabinet for a way to keep breathing without the chest labor of memory.

On Sundays she finds a sad solace in the dead flowers of an abandoned courtyard below her crumbling balcony.  She jumps the gutter, fingers the overgrowth of vines as if each prickly leaf were a lost child, wades puddles and cups rain into each palm like holy water while begging Buddha for enlightenment.

And on Monday she manages to zip her scars into a professional suit, chant a few verses of Gandhi while making the morning commute.  She gives pocket change to the curbside beggars  before clocking in, drinking imitation espresso from a moldy coffee pot and turning blocks of text into stories that mean nothing to her.

Written for prompts at Magpie Tales and Sunday Whirl.

**I actually wrote this piece from people-watching, something I sometimes do for inspiration.  I picked out a lady whom I thought was an interesting subject.  She looked professional, sad, secretive, as if she were always looking for something.  Then I applied my imagination to creating her story.  

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  1. Oh my, A+++++++++ on forming such an inspiring collection of life as we far too often see, clearly and profoundly throughout your lines, and magic of pulling each word through.

  2. Very, very nicely written. Pulled, held, and released me with wonder.

  3. sometimes i stand in the corner with those whose spot there is permanent. i go home then and ponder his spot and mine and realize that at the end of the day we are both alone.

    you captured what i observe almost every day

    gracias for helping me purge

  4. People watching gets lots of my attention too! It is a serious game that tells on human failings and triumphs. One can write on them immediately upon relaxing at home over the keyboard. Great write Stacy!


  5. so many interesting images in her... love this one: "On Sundays she finds a sad solace in the dead flowers"

  6. Like an edgy young female Alan Ginsberg ...your tales should all be made into Anime Films ...well done , Miss Jorodowski

  7. "Warning The Stars" has been included in our Sites To See #398. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


    1. oh wowwww! thank's so much! can't wait to check out the rest of your list!!!

  8. Your writing talent is outstanding! Glad I came by, from Jerry's side...


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