Friday, October 31, 2014

A Crypt Swings Shut

"The Apparition"   Digital Art Photo Manipulation

An eerie howl
Swings past
The moonlit shadows,
Hangs its dancing
Macabre specters
By the lighted poles
Of midnight lanterns.
College kids sway,
Strangely-colored scarecrows
That roam their
Silly, kissing faces
Among the cemetery,
A hallows eve playground.
They sit amongst
The old stones like chairs.
Harmless, they think,
The dead don’t know.
But the owl does,
And he does not budge
His smoky-eyed perch
From the crypt
That groans,
And does relent.
He watches a party-full
Of strange treats
And childs-play hocus pocus.
Soon they’ll all be dead,
Only, no one knows it.

**I created the artwork myself  a long time ago  (total beginner back then, so don't judge lol).  I hope all you fellow poets and blog-goers are having a ghoulish halloween!!

Written for prompts at Warning The Stars and Toads.


  1. Stacy, your art is astounding! Wowzers! Loved the spooktacular poem, especially the owl that knows.

  2. Love the art...and you rocked the wordlist

  3. A perfect Halloween piece! Boo!

  4. I love the artwork that accompanied your poetry! Spooky indeed.

  5. The art is awesome, and the poetry complements it perfectly :-)

  6. Actually, I love the art! very atmospheric and campy( I mean that in a good way.) And the poem too--all the Hallowe'en masks are shiny on the outside and darkish on the inside, just as they should be.My favorite line is "... Strangely-colored scarecrows/That roam their/Silly, kissing faces
    Among the cemetery..."

    1. thanks so much! after i made the art,i thought it looked a lot like something out of the vintage 'dark shadows' series. have you ever heard of it? i think you might enjoy used to be on netflix, also on hulu. :) go enjoy! heh.

  7. If that owl could talk...

    This would make a wonderful scary movie!

  8. We need to have fun in our expression.
    I'm just not into horror. Though I like the CSI shows. Go figure.
    I tend to skip the Halloween fun unless I'm invited to a costume party :)
    I posted a link at your prompt place.

    Funny you should mention the old Dark Shadows... I still remember the music box theme!
    But then I was young and impressionable when it first aired ;)

  9. of course you know that owls signify death in several Asian cultures, so this is perfect ~

  10. eeeeeck! Love the dark and spooky!

  11. Intriguing image - I like it. And the total lack of fear - well, that is always the fist person to go in a horror film :)

  12. enjoyed both the poem and the great original art work!

  13. Oooh, oooh, oooh! I am really excited about this poem. From start to finish, it kept taking unexpected turns. I was that girl in the cemetery, silly kissing, and I've been the patch-eyed owl staring wisely, but once the future came, I shivered. For that, I cannot know! Beautiful work.


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