Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Driving Into the Fire

Artwork by Eugenia Loli

She was a blonde astrologist
Back in the fifties,
Jaded by a feminist mother
And the townsfolk
Who called her a ‘witch,’
She took tarot-reading appointments
And hung out with the ‘cool kids’
Who threw back Jack
And smoked pot-laced cigarettes
In the back halls of town dances,
Wishing they could live
Like Kerouac and Ginsberg.

He was a magician
In a traveling freak show,
A child from the backstreets
Near the Coney Island carnival.
His father was a womanizing drunk,
His mother died giving birth.
He lived a childhood-full
Of Peter pan and stale toast,
Creaming his bad memories
Into a paste that held his heart together.
He loved the work of Poe,
The fast cars he rode in with rich friends.

They came together one night,
chance meeting at a train station
Somewhere past Memphis.
She’d stolen her best friends
Red Barbie convertible,
And he was tired of being paid
For lying to the dirty faces
Of kids who couldn’t afford
‘the real thing.’
So they stole out of town,
New love blazing as strange
As a new morning turned pink
As the tulip stars
In a town just west of Jupiter.
And laughing like
Wild flower children of the sixties,
They drove straight into the inferno.

Written for a prompt at Margo Roby's Wordgathering.  


  1. This poem tickles the epiglottis of that consuming mouth of inferno...what a cool image to muse on!

    I love all of the poet and author references and that slipped-back-into-time feeling of the 60's...a trip indeed!

    Love the way this line, "New love blazing as strange," how it lands on strange before the next line that expands upon it - great sound play throughout as well.

    I enjoyed this, Stacey! :)

    1. i'm glad you liked it. i'm not even sure how i came up with such a tale! :)

  2. I don't know how in the world you did that but it was totally fun. Left me grinnin' with pleasure.

    1. i chuckled a little bit as i wrote that last stanza. haha...they seem a fitting pair for that piece of art!

  3. an interesting tale with a perfect end....both the image & poem complement each other...

  4. Completely captivating and left me in a cheery mood. Thanks for the poem, the visit to my poem, and for an uplifting start of the day, Stacy!

  5. this journey was relatable. the reference to kerouac and ginsberg, the cigarette laced in the dark space at the back of the room. i knew people that came from the existence of the carnival and dysfunctional family. the last stanza was something i conjured in my head once in a drunken stupor moment .

    nice journey, good write


  6. Ahh, I love your story. It fits so well. I like the narrative feel of the speaker telling the story. Great details.

  7. Fun.
    I know what you mean about those stories out of nowhere. It's like...you turn the picture over, and there's a line on the back. Next thing you know.

  8. Your poetry is plum pudding, and I am an insatiable sugar fiend.

    1. that's the cutest compliment i've ever received!! :) ty so much. i got the sweet tooth too. heh.

  9. What an amazing story poem. You provide your characters with credible backgrounds which make their rebellion all the more conceivable.

  10. ha. very cool. i like the structure...each one getting their own stanza and nice descriptions...def makes for an interesting coming together...and i bet they had a story to remember in that ride on into the inferno...smiles.

  11. love how the poem flows... very interesting story!

  12. Yes! Wonderful and imaginative.

  13. What amazing backgrounds they had - must have been a combustible combination - for certain there would have been sparks. Very cool story.

  14. Enjoyed the tale of the astrologist who got together with the magician. You took me back to another era, Stacy, and I enjoyed the journey!

  15. How beautifully you told this tale with the clipped narrative of the '50's movies.

  16. Very cool characters with realish details. Certainly their relationship seems psychedelic--very early 1970s.

  17. Great development of who they were before running off.

  18. What an adventure! Great tale you've told.


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