Monday, October 27, 2014

Morning Yogi's

Late October lays a frosty dawn
Across the windowpane.
I awaken to the drum-beat
Of a space heater,
Metal dream-siren
Of an antique tea-kettle.
And, gathering my feet
In fluffy fleece
Like two young bunnies,
I step my 8 am swanker
Across creaking floorboards
To the kitchen counter,
shiny as a make-shift Formica.
I kiss the cold nose of my lover,
Yawning and sleep-bland
As the maple oatmeal,
yet sugarless as it roils 
a boil that spits
Its damp steam to dance
Shape-shifting specters
Atop the stove bulbs.
We heat our freezing hands
With too-hot cups
Of vanilla bean cappuccino,
Moon-moth of my morning,
She rolls across my tongue
Like a brown mamba.
Together we eat,
Silent and straight as yogi’s
While the sun rises,
Quick light of her breath
Casting a fall glow
Into stiff-backed night shadows,
Each waking color
Thick and creamy
As Nutella and warm toast.

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales.
Shared for open link at Toads.


  1. What a comfy, warm way to begin an cold fall day. Appreciate the density of imagery.

  2. You capture a cascade of wonderful moments here: the kind of morning we'd all like to have. Nice work.
    Steve K.

  3. Your poetry is impressive; I enjoyed the sound of your words just as much as, if not more than, their meaning.

  4. Yes even a cold morning we can enjoy that morning with comfy socks......and plenty of oatmeal..

  5. A very taste-full poem! Full of imagery and sensation! Thanks. k.

  6. A fine sun pose of a poem, half stretching and yawning, the other taking in the glory of the morning. What next?

  7. Moon-moth of my morning? Sounds like a good way to start the day...

  8. This was a pleasure to read. It's full of so many "mundane" details of daily life, yet you worded it in a way that is both interesting and unique. The first two lines sound really cool. And who doesn't love to wake up on a cold morning with the one they love?!

    Well done.

  9. love this, Stacy ~

  10. Adore the ending and the whole poem is a perfect way to wake every morning. Makes rising worth while, I'd say.

  11. Such an evocative description of morning routine.

  12. Delicious and delightful....a wonderful write Stacy!!

  13. My metal dream siren" is the whistling kettle never ceases to amaze me just how much your creative mind is able to bring things to vivid life ....thanks

    1. that's such a sweet compliment. thank you, and i am happy you enjoy the poem. :)


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