Thursday, October 2, 2014

October is an Incantation

I am an itchy witch
In a black-star hat.
On the eve
Of each Saturday
I wear a magicians’ cape
Stuffed full
Of small-town secrets
And potion-treats
For the toads and bats.
I swing from the rafters
Of bayou shacks,
Converse with rats
About stealing your soul,
An unsuspecting old lady
Who walks the avenue alone.

Written for a prompt at Toads.
The rule is 53 words or less, I think I managed 56...a feat for me, as I'm usually long-winded.  :)


  1. interesting how this culture celebrates 'halloween' vs my country of birth Mexico that celebrate 'dia de los muertos'.

    your ditty, if i can call it that, is fun and quite creative. brings in much nuance characteristics of the stereotype halloween practices.


  2. I like the sense of progression here from itchy witch to old lady.

  3. I wear a magicians’ cape
    Stuffed full
    Of small-town secrets

    Uh huh, I'm from a small town and it is true. Nice.

  4. Sooo pleased to meet you Madame October! Love the feel of this one.

  5. Oh how I LOVE this poem! Magickal and witchy, just the way I like poetry! LOVE the black-star hat! In fact, I want one.

  6. "Stuffed full
    Of small-town secrets"

    Oh, I love that!

  7. I vote for small town secrets, too. Love the entire poem.

  8. Catchy! Read it a few times already, made me smile. Perfect lilting flow, with a happy, cheeky (and multifaceted) character. Cute and enjoyable. Also, what a cool picture.

  9. Fun write- Stuffed full of small town secrets is also my favorite line!

  10. Replies
    1. almost....the red hair, it was a dead giveaway! :)

  11. Your witch I like too, her intentions, as a witch should be...


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