Monday, November 24, 2014

Dreams in Pisces

This is late Saturday,
When, half asleep
With my chamomile tea,
I keep conversations
With the blue moon.
A sleepy-girl stream
Of conscious that
Speaks of captive stars,
The cosmic kiss of Yogi’s,
The shiny pink auroras
Of their ancient Gods.
One hundred percent Pisces
And brave as I’ll ever be,
I climb the spiral staircase
Of his fragile, crystal beams.
Face to face we debate
The Western World
In all it’s plastic fineries,
My words rolling into
One another, a sea
Of light-bulbs and dreams.
I mind-map untold philosophies
With such lucidity
That even the willows halt
Their rhythmic weeping
Long enough to listen.

Written for a prompt at Warning The Stars Saturday.
Shared at Poets United.


  1. Your words rolled a lovely, vivid bit of morning poetry delight for me!

  2. This is an excellent poem. I am particularly drawn to the last five lines and this section: "One hundred percent PiscesAnd brave as I’ll ever be,I climb the spiral staircaseOf his fragile, crystal beams."

  3. A wonderful read, rising into the closing lines which are extra-beautiful.

  4. Oh I love the willow listening and that it stops to cry.. a poem of sheer beauty.

  5. I really enjoyed this but especially loved those last three lines. Cool write.

  6. The mechanics/flow of this poem are cool in and of themselves. As far as the content, it sounds like a great evening of thoughts and writing material. :)

  7. I quite enjoyed the topic. Well written.

  8. very other worldly feel...thoroughly enjoyed it...

  9. Back for another read, with my mind less tired this morning, Stacy. This is a truly spectacular write....I so love "I keep conversations with the blue moon", the "captive stars", and, especially, "that even the willows halt Their rhythmic weeping Long enough to listen." Fantastic work!

    1. thank you so much, sherry. i always love your reflections on my work. :)

  10. Those late night conversations with the moon are really worth being a bit sleepy for, as one can definitely learn from the moon. It makes me want to know what the moon would think of the doings of the 'western world' you mentioned. I wouldn't doubt that the moon would be a bit disappointed with us right now. This is a well written poem, Stacy. Lots of imagination as well as food for thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  11. I enjoyed the atmosphere you created, Stacy! Talking to the moon is not just any experience.

  12. The last six lines tell my kind of story. So dream-like. Love it!

  13. an ethereal feel to the poem. reads like a fantasy/sci-fi story. cool!
    i am blown away by the last 3 lines.


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