Saturday, November 8, 2014

Girl, Writer

She chased her dreams
Into the twilight,
Wrapped her mind
Around the moon
Like an elastic lasso
And spoke to the cosmos
Through the megaphone
Of her scribbled hymns.
Whole lives of stars
Were bore of the sky
And blown to dust
By the books of authors
Whose words unlocked
The hope chest of her heart.
A creative, poetic soul
Who drew courage and power
From between the
Printed words of another.
Manic for a blessed change,
She prayed to the shiny orbs
Of dusty windows each night,
Imagining that shadows
Cast by streetlights were
the spirits of Poe and Goethe.
She bought imported coffee
Stored in fancy porcelain pots
For the unused cupboards,
Filled her desk drawer
With empty notebooks,
Their covers adorned of sheepskin,
And lit candles along the
Edge of a corner stand,
A constellation all her own.
She purchased a dictionary
and read it while drinking
cocoa made of real chocolate.
Then she dipped her own pen
Into poetic vessels yet unknown
while time wound around her words
an old rusty clock, it's ticks un-kept.

Written for a prompt at 'Warning the Stars' Saturday.


  1. Absolutely magnificent!

    I know this girl!

  2. Love the title. Love the image. Love the poem. Especially this:

    "Wrapped her mindAround the moonLike an elastic lasso"

    The only problem I have is that in this line, there is an extra "the": "From the between the"

    1. thanks so much, gia!

      i appreciate you telling me the mistake. ugh, i hate grammatical errors. lol

  3. huh, i sort of enjoyed the extra 'the'. kidding. wonderful imagination and lovely journey traveled in this.


  4. Unheard and unseen dreams flying around and still she has that remarkable focus, good!!

  5. It sounds like she takes her writing seriously.. who could write without the right amount of cocoa .. wonderful images.

  6. I'm guessing you especially enjoyed writing this one.

  7. What a beautifully magical poem, Stacy. Reading it slowly, so as to savor it, I enjoyed the progression of images. As a poet, the last four lines 'spoke' loudly to me!

  8. I loved reading this, so many wonderful images.......I especially loved "spoke to the cosmos
    Through the megaphone Of her scribbled hymns" and "the hope chest of her heart".

  9. Poe and Goethe are two fine writers indeed! I just recently finished "The Sorrows of Young Werther".

  10. I love the magic of books and how words can conjure up dreams in far away lands ~ Specially like this part:

    Then she dipped her own pen
    Into poetic vessels yet unknown

    May her journey be bright and happy ~

  11. a dream space for a wordsmith, brilliant......

  12. sounds like someone who lives in the books but never goes out into the world and live life. whatever floats one's boat. nice!!!

    1. that's an interesting interpretation. i was trying to convey her as a creative soul whom found inspiration within books, and thus began to write her own poetry and stories. and perhaps found the courage to live more fully because of that. :)

    2. Hi Stacy, don't be offended. I'm speaking from my experience and how I had read it where I actually related to it in that way. smiles.

    3. oh i'm not at all! :) i promise. i was just trying to tell you how i'd perceived it when i wrote it. but when i reread it, i could see how she would seem lost in her own world. perhaps a maiden in a castle tower, surrounded by shelves of books and candles. haha. ty for reading and commenting.

  13. In writing we enter a world known only unto us. Readers of our stories and poems may approve and enjoys but have no idea of the triggers that set them in motion. Even reading this piece we are drawn in but still denied that key.

  14. The world opened before us by reading and writing are vast and great. You drew me in with the story told here. Great poem.

  15. The first 6 lines were a joy to read without a pause. I liked that feeling.

    the writer seems confined in her own world - our whatever give her an inspiration.

  16. Love the connection of writing with coffee and chocolate... :)x

  17. Is the pic a collage you built? Neat! I especially like the balloon-lifted buildings. In your words the images are wonderful. I'll just mention a few. I like the lasso--"It's a Wonderful Life"--but we have to give ourselves the moon. No one else gets it for us. But the stars! Yes, in my bright eyes authors also put them there. I'm thinking of Neil Geiman and others as well as the heavy Romantics you mention. A little Kantian philosophy anyone? Reach reach for the stars. You know chocolate and coffee will help. Bravo!

  18. You captured the experience of having other writers inspire us to do our own writing so well, Stacy. Finding the courage to be who we need to be within the lines of good books is truly a great thing.

  19. I see preparation and intent in her process. I like that her inspiration can come from writers as well as coffee and cocoa.


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