Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things Someone's Grandmother Once Said

Don’t be in such a hurry,
It’s easy to grow old,
Even easier to find yourself
At that place alone,
A shadow on a veranda
Waving goodbye to someone.
You need to know you’re beautiful,
 In the soft cave of your belly fat
And your well-formed upper thighs.
And listen, it’s okay to wear fishnet,
Decorate yourself in sequins,
Glamorize your life, flash the lights
On and off like the paparazzi,
Like whole days and nights
Spinning by in mere seconds;
Don’t worry about blown light-bulbs
Or rather or not your lipstick
Is too red for the shirt you wear
Because one day the total sum
Of your youth might be mingled
To a single black and white Polaroid.
You don’t always have to stand
As straight as your father said,
And you can say anything you like.
Life’s too short for proper grammaticism,
For driving between two perfect lines.
No, life is a rollercoaster,
So let your hair be tussled,
Spin until you fall into the arms of
Whoever might be standing closest.
Lose a shoe or two.
And don’t be afraid to walk
Your own self home from the party.
And sometimes it’s okay to let yourself go.
You know, at my age, everyday
Someone dies, people I know,
Whose voice I’ve heard, skin I’ve touched,
Maybe even accidentally while
Drinking from their coffee cup
having tea together, sharing books and secrets.
We all die by chance but it’s still our destiny
So don’t forget the amazing feel
Of your own beating heart
Between ice cream with your kids
And grad school dissertations,
Jury duty and the shitty jobs.
Don’t go gentle into no good night,
Knock the street-lamps out with rocks,
Burn his dinner when he’s
No longer what he’s been,
Teach your kids how to fold their own clothes,
Wear your body till it’s as silky
As a second-hand shirt,
And write whatever you like,
Write everything, actually.
Leave no shame unnamed, no wine undrank.
Prowl the earth like a lioness with a lasso.
Know that anything you catch
Is really caught by chance.
Know also that for anything you don’t like,
You can sever the line like a vegetable limb
and swing that baby again.

Written for a prompt at dVerse.


  1. Wise verses, I love grandma's voice specially:

    Life’s too short for proper grammaticism,
    For driving between two perfect lines.

    Don’t go gentle into no good night -

    I feel like dancing outside, smiles ~
    Thanks for participating & wishing you happy week ~

  2. I love this. I love the joy and freedom of the wisdom of "someone's grandmother." Makes me want to go raise some hell! Forgive me if this posts twice...had a little glitch with signing in...

  3. Yes I think this should be printed as a manifesto for everyone growing old.. this is the proper way to age.. (and the wink at Dylan Thomas is excellent)...

  4. Oh that Grandma knows what she's talking about, and you have listened well. I especially love the image of a lion with a lasso, that is really cool! Loved this!

  5. that grandma has been around the block and knows the game.... the freedom this write expresses is quite nice...

  6. smiles...i could hear a good gramma saying some of these things...sounds like she is a pretty wise gramma as is too short, not to live it....

  7. that kind of advice comes from a life lived fully :)

  8. I love this advice. It kind of reminds of "When I'm an Old Woman I Want to Wear Purple. This should be taped up on bathroom mirrors everywhere. I like "Prowl this earth like a lioness with a lasso" and the whole idea of doing what you want and not worrying about what others would think!

  9. Picture and words love it...I'm going to knock the street light in front of my house out tonight.

    1. haha...thats so awesome. just watch for the broken glass! :)

  10. Your grandmother is a precious person to know.

  11. Hahaha! That picture is amazing. And your poem fits it perfectly. I especially like the rebuttal to Dylan Thomas in the line "Don’t go gentle into no good night". This is a great poem.

  12. Such sage wisdom, I needed to read this today.

    1. i'm glad it made your day a little brighter. :)

  13. What a groovy piece. Love how once it started it never let you go!

  14. Grandma has a sense of humor and wisdom that comes with age..this was fun to read and I like the image of prowling like a lioness.

  15. Severing lines like vegetable limbs! I love it. Imagery had me grinning. I wish I had a real veggie garden this week, but man that poem felt good, too. Cheers!

  16. Hell yeah, THAT is the way to live...

  17. Such a poetic gem you have here!

  18. aha..a perfect grandma..."Know that anything you catch / Is really caught by chance." these two lines..

  19. Oh, that is absolutely wonderful! Best advice I ever heard (or read)!


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