Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Dream of December

Funny how I always
Dreamed of kissing
You in the snow,
On a street where we,
Slippery-feet and groping,
Would always remain
A n o n y m o u s,
Two shiny illuminations,
Concrete in our limbs and grip,
Too-cold to care
For the flash-bulbs
Of headlights from cars
Awaiting a parking spot.
No valet in a tiny town
Where ancient, church-towers
Warn the ‘lost’ souls
Of the blood in lust,
Sins of the skin
We so loved to touch
Like giddy, experimental children
Hiding in the kitchen pantry.
Funny how the dream always
Ended, our hands interlaced,
Me, shotgun in the passenger seat
Of your car, a vessel glowing
Into the endless miles
Of a starless night.
Us two, always driving towards
The twilight of some new life.

Written for a prompt at Warning the Stars Saturday.