Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Dream of December

Funny how I always
Dreamed of kissing
You in the snow,
On a street where we,
Slippery-feet and groping,
Would always remain
A n o n y m o u s,
Two shiny illuminations,
Concrete in our limbs and grip,
Too-cold to care
For the flash-bulbs
Of headlights from cars
Awaiting a parking spot.
No valet in a tiny town
Where ancient, church-towers
Warn the ‘lost’ souls
Of the blood in lust,
Sins of the skin
We so loved to touch
Like giddy, experimental children
Hiding in the kitchen pantry.
Funny how the dream always
Ended, our hands interlaced,
Me, shotgun in the passenger seat
Of your car, a vessel glowing
Into the endless miles
Of a starless night.
Us two, always driving towards
The twilight of some new life.

Written for a prompt at Warning the Stars Saturday.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

43 Goals for 2015

My favorite goal-tracking website ( has shut it's doors.  So I'm resorting to listing my goals here at the blog.  The idea is consistently keep 43 goals I want to achieve.  Soon as I mark one out, I'll write what I did underneath it and add a new one.

They might range from really simple things (like a food I want to try) to something huge (like a vacation or road trip).  The idea is to steadily work towards new goals and life experiences.

I guess this is sort of like a bucket list, but not really...just a group of smaller goals I want to achieve one at at time.  My bucket list is huge and I keep it in a private word document.

Enjoy reading and following my goals if you want.  I also encourage you to do your own '43 things.'

My 43 (or more) Goals for 2015:

1.  Jog/walk at least 1 mile everyday
2.  Create daily (atc's, digital art, etc)
3.  Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
4.  Write daily (poetry, blog, journal)
5.  Digitally create a children's book and self-publish on Lulu Press
6.  Build an online resume
7.  Take a photo of myself everyday for a year
8.  Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice on
9.  Donate goods to an animal shelter
10.  Complete "Wreck this Journal"
11.  Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
12.  Watch 43 TED talks
13.  Visit more museums/art galleries
14.  Sell something I have made (art cards, painting, etc)
15.  Perform 10 Random acts of kindness
16.  Go to a drive in movie
17.  Create a book of quotes that inspire me (compile and print on Lulu)
18.  Complete a digital scrapbook (compile and print on Lulu)
19.  Study a period of time that interests me (the victorian era)
20.  complete a jigsaw, glue it and hang it
21.  Visit a planetarium
22.  Learn fortune telling with basic playing cards
23.  Complete a 'paint by numbers'
24.  Create a 'Recipe Box' and fill it with recipes I want to try
25.  Fill a whole coloring book (gotta allow my inner child some playtime!)
26.  Lay on the hood of a car and look at the stars
27.  Complete my gothic romance novella
28.  Chalk a poem onto concrete
29.  complete a family cook book, compile and print on Lulu
30.  See at least 1 play/musical with my daughter this year
31.  complete the 'non planner' date book
31.  Treat myself to one silly, indulgent, uplifting gift each month
32.  Create a photobook of my favorite photos (to date) to keep on the coffee table (compile and print on lulu)
33.  Digitally create at least one suit of my soul card deck and have it professionally printed
34.  Learn to fluently read my Tarot cards
35.  Learn to fluently read my I Ching cards
36.  Complete 'this is not a book'
37.  Complete 'the pocket scavenger'
38.  take my daughter to the zoo
39;  take my daughter to the aquarium
40.  complete artella workshop 'accounting your muse'
41.  complete artella workshop 'alphabetter muse'
42.  complete artella workshop 'make change with your muse'
43.  complete artella workshop 'mixed media me-flections'
44.  complete artella workshop 'miracle soup'
45.  read 110 books
46.  complete book 'small boxes closing'
47.  publish at least 6 titles for Pink.Girl.Ink
48.  complete book of poetry writing prompts
49.  have my poetry published in at least 10 places (online, print, otherwise)