Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Dream of December

Funny how I always
Dreamed of kissing
You in the snow,
On a street where we,
Slippery-feet and groping,
Would always remain
A n o n y m o u s,
Two shiny illuminations,
Concrete in our limbs and grip,
Too-cold to care
For the flash-bulbs
Of headlights from cars
Awaiting a parking spot.
No valet in a tiny town
Where ancient, church-towers
Warn the ‘lost’ souls
Of the blood in lust,
Sins of the skin
We so loved to touch
Like giddy, experimental children
Hiding in the kitchen pantry.
Funny how the dream always
Ended, our hands interlaced,
Me, shotgun in the passenger seat
Of your car, a vessel glowing
Into the endless miles
Of a starless night.
Us two, always driving towards
The twilight of some new life.

Written for a prompt at Warning the Stars Saturday.


  1. There is so much romance in kissing someone in the snow....when one is so cold...but it doesn't really matter. Smiles. And the ending is lovely and imaginative with the driving toward the twilight of a new life.

  2. Snow falling, holding hands and stealing kisses...oh the romance!

  3. I especially love the closing of this poem, can see them in the car, driving towards "the twilight of some new life."

  4. Cold hands can't go wandering on such a night. Don't even think about it Old Egg!

  5. Oddly sad, as if something that could no longer happen because of all the new beginnings. The tone supports this, the sense of being caught in a loop. So sorry--this poem truly captures that for me.

    1. oh, no need for a apologies! i thought the exact same thing after i wrote and reread. it seems the poem came full circle...the relationship played itself there is only the ever-present dream that they were heading somewhere that they just never arrived. :) ty for your thoughts...always love hearing from you!

  6. it's such a lovely poem, and i love the images you used.

  7. This is beautiful. It has a melancholy feel about the dream which, if a dream, has not come true. Yet, you paint it with words so vividly.

  8. Somehow the end of your dream made me think of Bonnie and Clyde... but the kiss and snow seem more important than the shotgun.

  9. some good stuff here. flashlight of headlights. experimental kids. i like it.

    focused implementation

  10. Let them savor the goodness of anonymity just by themselves.Sometimes it works wonders!
    Great write Stacy!


  11. A wonderful ending, Stacy...the consummations are always so different that the expectations. Very well done.
    Steve K.

  12. I wonder if the dream is a lietmotif, a ritorno of departures and homecomings, presence and leave-takings: in every welcome the echo of farewell, so that the small is always the big town in the next room of the dream, aching to find what the small town always had. Best of luck with "Pink. Girl. Ink."

  13. Love the imagery and like Susan, I took felt a pang of sadness. Great write.

  14. neither did i feel sadness or a moment lost in a snowy night with lights reflecting in the snow but just one of those experiences that many had while trying to experience life or grow in a relationship that in the cold of a wintry night somehow one knows this may never flourish. i thought this piece captured it well, at least from my experience,.

    gracias for taking me back. i recall the cold hands of groping well :-)

  15. It has an "almost, but not quite" feeling about it - a fondness and hope that never really played itself out. At first I thought "romantic" but the ending is a bit sad.

  16. Romance wouldn't be romance if it didn't always get away, if it wasn't always not quite there. Love the "giddy experimental children".

  17. I really, really like this. I'm a hopeless romantic and the desires and dreams of love in this poem are great.

  18. Awwwwwwwwwww... SOooooooo romantic!!!!


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