Monday, November 24, 2014

Dreams in Pisces

This is late Saturday,
When, half asleep
With my chamomile tea,
I keep conversations
With the blue moon.
A sleepy-girl stream
Of conscious that
Speaks of captive stars,
The cosmic kiss of Yogi’s,
The shiny pink auroras
Of their ancient Gods.
One hundred percent Pisces
And brave as I’ll ever be,
I climb the spiral staircase
Of his fragile, crystal beams.
Face to face we debate
The Western World
In all it’s plastic fineries,
My words rolling into
One another, a sea
Of light-bulbs and dreams.
I mind-map untold philosophies
With such lucidity
That even the willows halt
Their rhythmic weeping
Long enough to listen.

Written for a prompt at Warning The Stars Saturday.
Shared at Poets United.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Driving Past Midnight

The midnight highway
Is a symphony,
Each blaring car horn
A bell to tow you home
When you’d really
Rather not go.
Miles tunnel behind,
Vague, whispering hillsides
Pushing the wild of their weeds
Against flashy neon billboards,
And all those plastic-paper worlds,
A perfection nothing of you:
An anonymous in spinning wheels.
All the bright, angelic omens
Of on-coming headlights,
Kindred souls touching the earth space
Of one another in a quick passing
Between the veil of dark and metal,
Someone you might have loved
Had you known them
In the flesh and pupil, hair and hands;
Only, now you’ll never know.
And sometimes between
Mountain peaks and tired trees,
The moon might wink
A solemn stare
Into your pre-lit dashboard,
Across the velvet of your seats
Where you hover somewhere
Between this surreal night-time dream
And the reality of waking up,
All ten-knuckled and too tired
To care which way
The next road-sign leads,
Only that, inevitably,
You’re still going somewhere.

Written from a prompt at Magpie Tales.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Seven-Year Magic

When I was a child
There were no monsters
In the alcove of my
Closet, only mysteries.
Time weighed itself
By the illumination
Of a tree branch,
And the playwright
Of each morning
Bore no earthly limitation:
I would become anything
My heart could imagine
By the sleepy time
Noon came, bearing dreams.

Written for a prompt at Warning the Stars Saturday.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Girl, Writer

She chased her dreams
Into the twilight,
Wrapped her mind
Around the moon
Like an elastic lasso
And spoke to the cosmos
Through the megaphone
Of her scribbled hymns.
Whole lives of stars
Were bore of the sky
And blown to dust
By the books of authors
Whose words unlocked
The hope chest of her heart.
A creative, poetic soul
Who drew courage and power
From between the
Printed words of another.
Manic for a blessed change,
She prayed to the shiny orbs
Of dusty windows each night,
Imagining that shadows
Cast by streetlights were
the spirits of Poe and Goethe.
She bought imported coffee
Stored in fancy porcelain pots
For the unused cupboards,
Filled her desk drawer
With empty notebooks,
Their covers adorned of sheepskin,
And lit candles along the
Edge of a corner stand,
A constellation all her own.
She purchased a dictionary
and read it while drinking
cocoa made of real chocolate.
Then she dipped her own pen
Into poetic vessels yet unknown
while time wound around her words
an old rusty clock, it's ticks un-kept.

Written for a prompt at 'Warning the Stars' Saturday.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things Someone's Grandmother Once Said

Don’t be in such a hurry,
It’s easy to grow old,
Even easier to find yourself
At that place alone,
A shadow on a veranda
Waving goodbye to someone.
You need to know you’re beautiful,
 In the soft cave of your belly fat
And your well-formed upper thighs.
And listen, it’s okay to wear fishnet,
Decorate yourself in sequins,
Glamorize your life, flash the lights
On and off like the paparazzi,
Like whole days and nights
Spinning by in mere seconds;
Don’t worry about blown light-bulbs
Or rather or not your lipstick
Is too red for the shirt you wear
Because one day the total sum
Of your youth might be mingled
To a single black and white Polaroid.
You don’t always have to stand
As straight as your father said,
And you can say anything you like.
Life’s too short for proper grammaticism,
For driving between two perfect lines.
No, life is a rollercoaster,
So let your hair be tussled,
Spin until you fall into the arms of
Whoever might be standing closest.
Lose a shoe or two.
And don’t be afraid to walk
Your own self home from the party.
And sometimes it’s okay to let yourself go.
You know, at my age, everyday
Someone dies, people I know,
Whose voice I’ve heard, skin I’ve touched,
Maybe even accidentally while
Drinking from their coffee cup
having tea together, sharing books and secrets.
We all die by chance but it’s still our destiny
So don’t forget the amazing feel
Of your own beating heart
Between ice cream with your kids
And grad school dissertations,
Jury duty and the shitty jobs.
Don’t go gentle into no good night,
Knock the street-lamps out with rocks,
Burn his dinner when he’s
No longer what he’s been,
Teach your kids how to fold their own clothes,
Wear your body till it’s as silky
As a second-hand shirt,
And write whatever you like,
Write everything, actually.
Leave no shame unnamed, no wine undrank.
Prowl the earth like a lioness with a lasso.
Know that anything you catch
Is really caught by chance.
Know also that for anything you don’t like,
You can sever the line like a vegetable limb
and swing that baby again.

Written for a prompt at dVerse.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Aloha Summerland

Walking barefoot on the shore
Hypnotized by the ocean roaring
Thoughts of you drifting in and out
Never fails to calm me down

I still see your eyes when light hits the water
And I've never seen a color so beautiful
So blue, ocean blue

I keep moving to the distant sounds
And visions of you drifting in and out
Clouds mixin' with the sand and the sea
Sounds get carried on the ocean breeze

I still hear your voice from across the horizon
And wasn't that you walking into the shadows?

In time I'll believe it was just an illusion
In time I'll believe it was only a dream

Created for a challenge at Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme this week was 'labels.'  So, I took a word from a vintage label and allowed it to inspire me.  The word 'summerland' came from the vintage ad below!

Other Resources:
pin up beach girls
misc summer images

The Soap Star

Ahh, a digital love triangle.  The poor lead character, she's so broken-hearted.  And that bimbo in the background, is she REALLY pleading with that philanderer to stay?? 

                                                   Broadway's dark tonight
                                        A little bit weaker than you used to be
Broadway's dark tonight
See the young man sittin' in the old man's bar
Waitin' for his turn to die

                                             The cowboy kills the rock star
And Friday night's gone too far
The dim light hides the years
On all the faded girls
~Goo Goo Dolls~

Created for a challenge at Take A Word.

hollywood sign

Mail Order Bride

Is the groom going to show up?  Is that a huge spider on her suitcase?  Did the driver really just dump her off on this dark, abandoned street?  Ha...I bet this bride wishes she had stayed at home!  

"We could
Catch a train to another life
On a whim, under the moonlight
I promise you
Will you promise me?"
~Vanessa Carlton~

Created for a challenge at Collage Obsession.

Resources Used
rolls royce
atmosphere background
luggage trunk