Friday, January 9, 2015

The Eve of a New Year

Moonless January night,
A cocktail of neon-white possibilities,
The stars sharpen their
Quick-witted progressions
Against a vestibule of
White on black,
A party of silence
Mistaken for sleep.
Somewhere across the avenue,
Two drinks deep into the new year,
The light-hearted laughter
Of a lady’s voice
Blows into the atmosphere,
A haunting, invisible smoke
That sends blackbirds to scurry
From their power-line perches,
A succession of receding wingspans
Face-painting shadows
Across the twilight.

Written from a prompt at Warning The Stars Saturday.  


  1. Love a part of silence mistaken for sleep and the face-painting shadows. :)

  2. You've created a lot of atmosphere in this, thanks to precise sensory detail. Like it!

  3. Lady's voice as smoke, stars that an be sharpened in the vesitbule of ideas ... how Edward Gorey!

  4. pretty cool progression from the laughter to smoke and it sending the blackbirds flying....really cool imagery in that, from what seemed quite sparse in the opening...

  5. a voice that sends blackbirds to scurry..makes me wonder about the woman..

  6. And all it requires are those 2 drinks after midnight.. It sounds like intentions gone wrong from laughter to blackbirds.. Sends my fantasy running,

  7. A scene well set, and with a bit of mystery!

  8. So visually lovely, with the blackbirds' "face-painting shadows" as they recede.

  9. I specially like the imagery of the blackbirds perching on the power lines and face painting the shadows ~ Good one ~

  10. You've created a mysterious, atmospheric New Year's Eve night. Such vivid writing and intriguing character! Happy New Year :)

  11. What an excellent piece of descriptive writing!

  12. I love the monochrome picture this poem creates...those blackbirds and wishes in the snow...divine!

  13. How vividly you recreate this, with what a sense of atmosphere!


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